A Brew Woo Birthday

This Saturday I turned the young age of 25. My first quarter century in the books, another chapter page turned in my life. Last year, Lisa surprised me with a trip to Burlington to take the Burlington Brew Tours, the best tour I have taken to date. This year I was off to Gardner Ale House and Wachusett Brewery…or so I thought.

The adventure started with being ambushed by my best friend in Portsmouth who Lisa got to come up to surprise me. On the road to Gardner (again, so I thought) we passed right by the exit. As I looked over I noticed she was smiling like something else was in the works. Turns out she got me tickets to Brew Woo, a beerfest in Worcester!

While I was indeed disappointed I wasn’t going to Gardner, Gardner will be there forever, and Brew Woo was only once a year. This was the first of most likely many Brew Woo fests. There were a good amount of breweries, mainly local, spanning from Naragansett to Sam Adams and my favorite of the fest, BBC.

Notable Tastings (I lost my Brew Woo Map so I appologize for some of the forgetfulness)
Sam Adams Wee Heavy- My first time tasting this one. A really nice taste. This brew packs a punch in a 12oz bottle, . Watch out for this one!
Blue Hills Black Hops- A spicy brew with one of the coolest labels I have seen. Looking forward to the shirts/sweatshirts to come out!
BBC Raspberry Barleywine- My favorite of the fest. Very impressed with the balance of flavor and boozyness in this beer. I’ll be looking for this brew.
[Name Here] Black and Tan- A mixture of their Penny Ale and their stout, mmmm.
Otter Creek Summer Wheat- The Otter Creek booth has a couple really nice Summer Wheat beers. If you haven’t tried them or their Black IPA I suggest you give them a shot.

A couple things I noticed about Brew Woo. 1) There were mostly summer beers at the fest, which I was ok with but not thrilled at the showing of Stouts (about 4 total). 2) With the exception of 2 or 3 local brew pubs from the CT or MA area, all the beers offered I either already had or are readily available.

Regardless of the above this was a really really fun day out with my best friend and m’lady. We had a great time watching some of th people that came to the fest and their choice of attire, as well as tasting some really good brews which we can get close to home. I also bumped into Norm (aka Beernut) in front of the Gansett Booth, good to see ya norm!

Tips for next years Brew Woo
-More Breweries from outside New England
-Lose the weird bands that were playing
-Keep the weird bands that were playing, as long as there are some people danicing ridiculously to them like we saw
-Hey Smuttynose! Your table was vacant, where were you? 🙂

Brew Woo was well worth the trip and I will consider going next year for sure. Happy Bday to me!