Blue Mermaid Hosts Hotter Than Hell Dinner

Another awesome event is in the works at Blue Mermaid. When I went to their Sebago beer dinner some time ago they mentioned they were planning their next ‘Hotter than Hell’ dinner and I heard a cheer from some of the regulars that have been to one of them before.

The premise is a 4 course dinner, each course paired with a hot/spicy cocktail. It’s scheduled for Cinco de Mayo (May 5) which I think is a great choice. Total is $55 for the dinner. I am very interested to see what hot cocktails they come up with, as I am a HUGE fan of spicy/hot things.

If you haven’t been to an event at Blue Mermaid I highly suggest you check it out. What better location can you celebrate May 5 than at the Blue Mermaid? I can’t think of any better place.

For more information and to make reservations, check out their facebook page and their website.