Throwback Brewery

Yesterday was a really cool day. Me and Lisa met up with Doreen (@BeerzenGirl) and Jeff and Kate from Seacoast Eat Local at the Throwback Brewery. Throwback is not in full swing just yet, but Nicole and Annette were gracious enough to open the doors for a quick tour and tasting.

Throwback is located on Lafayette St. in North Hampton, NH. While it’s right down the road from Smuttynose, Throwback has it’s own unique spin to bewing that will bring beer lovers farther down Route 1 to fill up a growler and take a tour. Nicole and Annette take pride in how they are brewing, using only local ingredients from the local farms in the area and using farm like technology to assist in the brewing process.

The list of beers for this up and coming Brewery isn’t short, and that’s a good thing. As we went down the line of beer it got better and better iwth every tasting. Throwback will take pride in brewing what they like as opposed to trying to please a particular crowd. Their beers are/will be mostly dark browns and stouts which is right up me and Doreen’s alley. The labels on the bottles are created by a local artist and will really stand out on the shelves.

Now, on to the beers we tried. We tried a lot!

Hog Happy Hefeweizen- This beer didn’t have a lot of banana and clove notes like a lot of the other hefs I have had. While that’s a good thing they had other beers I liked better.

Hefe-rye-zen- In the battle of wiezen vs rye-zen, this one wins. I really enjoyed the flavor of this one.

Hopstruck American Red IPA- This was nice and hoppy, Lisa enjoyed this one, being a hop head.

Campfire Smoked Porter- You can smell and taste the smokeyness but it was nothing too punch in the face, which I enjoyed.

Dippity Do- The best name I have heard for a beer. This is a great American Brown Ale with a rich flavor. I can see me lining up my fridge with these.

Jalapeño Ale- A test batch. I have recently had a Jalapeño beer from Horseheads in Syracuse, so this was a winner. I think I liked it more than the others, but everyone elses feedback was really good.

Poblano Ale- This smelled very much like a fresh pepper and the taste was the same. Taste wise I liked the Jalepeno better but this was a unique and refreshing beer.

Maple Wheat Porter- They did what I tried to home brew, but better. This didn’t have a huge maple kick that I wanted but it had a nice balanced flavor that stayed with you from start to finish.

Saving the best for last….drum roll….
Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout- This was absolutley insane. This tasted like a peanut butter pie with chocolate sauce. This may indeed be the best Stout I have ever had. (Shhh, don’t tell Kate the Great just yet!!)

There was a BIG overlying catch with all the beers we tasted, they were all homebrewed. The big brewing equipment was not set up yet but will hopefully be up and running by this week, so all of the beers we tasted were small 5-10 gallon batches. I am hoping the flavors tasted today (especially the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Sout) show up as they did today when they are brewed in bigger batches.

As we were tasting we talked about anything from Beer Stores (yes I was yelled at for having not been to Bert’s Better Beers yet!) to Sushi, we had a heated debate. I felt really comfortable among everyone at the table, and enjoyed trying to come up with beer names with Jeff, who has a few up his sleeve if anyone needs any! Throwback is hoping to get into the ACBF in Boston this June and will hopefully be pumping out beer to be able to do growler fills at their location soon. As for what stores or what bars they will show up in…time will tell.

A big thank you to Nicole and Annette for letting us play 1000 questions and for letting us taste your great beer. Can’t wait to get some in my fridge! Stay up to date on the goings on at their website: