Beer Notes: Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Beer: Kentucky Breakfast Stout
Brewer: Founders Brewing Co.
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 11.2%

Boy is there a lot of hype around this beer, so I needed to see if the hype was true. When it comes to finding hard to find beers in New Hampshire you either have to wait in line all day (Kate the Great) or tweet to every shop owner you know to put aside a bottle. Luckily I found a couple awesome people who would put aside a bottle of Kentucky Breakfast Stout until I could make it down across the border.

Kentucky Breakfast Stout, made by Founders who brew my latest and only “Top Brew” review since I started the rating system, Breakfast Stout. What’s different in this brew? Bourbon Barrel… and boy do you notice the difference.

KBS Pours Black with dark brown head and smells of caramel and booze. Taste initially is very boozy with a coffee finish. There wasn’t enough breakfast (coffee chocolate notes) to cover up the booziness for me. The thing with me and boozy beers is I come from a background of not liking hard alcohol, and this is that grey area beer between beer and liquor. Though it turned me off I really thought it was a great beer that I would have again, but I will stock my fridge with the original Breakfast Stout given the chance. In conclusion as described, KBS is the Breakfast Stout with a huge kick and I mean a huge kick.

Review- Like it.