New Homebrew Shop Coming to Portsmouth!

There is a new Homebrew Shop coming to town that I am really excited about. I met some great people since joining the Seacoast Homebrew Club and one of those awesome brewers, Alex, is opening A & G Homebrew Supply at the end of the month.

A & G Homebrew Supply (Opening April 29) is said to “have everything you need to start your next batch of happiness”. I like the sounds of that. It will be located in between the Sheraton and Hilton at 175 High St in Dowtown Portsmouth. It’s scary for me being so close to home, the urge to homebrew will be great the minute this store opens, and that’s a good thing :). On a side note, Alex and his brew parter Butch make some really great homebrew that they share at Homebrew Club meetings. Alex’s vast homebrew knowledge is sure to shine and make this store very successful.

For more information check out the following links:

Facebook: (link)
Twitter: @aghomebrew

Check it out when it opens. But for now, grab a beer and toast to the good weather ahead