Change in the Taps- Week of 4-4-11

I should post the tap changes more often, seems that the taps in town change too fast to write about. However when a tap change as big as this comes along in town it sparks a post that will hopefully get your attention.

Redhook Taps

For those who follow me on Untappd or RedPint, you know my love for the Single Barb American IPA from Redhook. It is (was 🙁 ) one of the best beers Redhook had to offer (besides Double Black). Confirmed today when I went to order one, it is gone! When I asked the bartender how long it was gone she said, and I quote, “for good”. Beer gods help us, that’s a bold statement. For those who missed it, you missed a great beer but fear not Redhook fans there is more beer coming on the taps. Here is a look at the tap list currently at Redhook in Portsmouth.

Longhammer IPA- A good replacement for single barb, soon to be renamed “Redhook IPA” in the coming year
ESB- Aa really good choice when you don’t know what to get
Haulin’ Oats- New on tap. An Oatmeal Stout that will be my go to beer until she is kicked
Treblehook- A strong brew but mighty tasty
Scotch Ale- You’d be letting yourself down if you didn’t at least try this great beer
Pilsner- Formerly called Ropeswing. An easy drinking brew
Copperhook- My least favorite of the bunch, but still a good brew
Mudslinger- A nice light brown ale
Blonde- Your standard Blonde Ale

Portsmouth Brewery Taps

A new month means a new Guest Tap for the Portsmouth Brewery. This month they are highlighting the beers of Oskar Blues. Say so long to Lagunitas Pils and say hello to Dales Pale Ale! You can tell which beer it is by the can on the tap handle. Here are the rest of the beers on tap this week at the brewery:

Dirty Blonde
Whipper Snapper(Updated 4/6)
Grand Cru
Black Cat Stout
Weizen Bock
Smuttynose Finest Kind IPA
Smuttynose Old Brown Dog
Oskar Blues G’Kinght (Updated 4/6)
Smuttynose Star Island Single

The Brewery’s taps change almost to fast to keep up with so keep an eye on my ‘What’s on Tap’ page.

Cheers to a new week!