Upper Crust Finally Comes to Portsmouth

There are few pizza places I care for in the world. My favorite pizza place is Antonios in Amherst (pronounced AM-ERST), MA. I love a place where you can grab a slice without buying the entire pie, that’s how I roll. I was introduced to Upper Crust in Boston a couple years back and fell in love. What got my was the size of the slice you get which looks to be a quarter pie. The flavor was also great as well. Anyone with a good buffalo chicken pizza will win in my book.

Portsmouth is not shy with Pizza Places. First there’s Joes. I had a bad experience with Joe’s on Congress St which led to me shunning them after one bad slice. I guess you can call me a pizza snob. Flatbread is a favorite of mine and m’lady as well as Gaslight’s Pizza. Now there’s a new dog in town.

When I got word that Upper Crust was coming to Portsmouth I was excited and couldn’t wait to get in there to try it. It opened up right on Congress St where the gluten free cafe was once before. It opened last Thursday and sports a ceiling of pizza trays and a big display case where they showcase their pizzas. The staff was super energetic for 5pm on a Thursday. I ordered the special slice of the day consisting of Mushrooms, Garlic and Onions and a couple slices of Cheese, very good slices. The one thing I am used to with these ‘by the slice’ pizza places is the price. At first glance it’s shocking but when you see the size/quality of a slice a $3 slice of cheese doesn’t seem bad at all.

They aren’t just by the slice, you can purchase full pizzas as well which I plan to do to test their Buffalo Chicken. I didn’t notice if they sold beer (yet?) like the other Upper Crust’s I’ve been to. I really hope this place does well enough to stick around as it is in a prime location in town.

Upper Crust is on 41 Congress St in Downtown Portsmouth. For more information check out their site here. Get there and try a slice, or bring one home and enjoy it with a good be like I did (Troegs Hop Back Amber) 🙂