Redhook turns 30, Party in Man Cave

I’m not sure the exact date, but Redhook is officially 30 years old, and to celebrate they invited some friends and beer bloggers out to the party.

The party was definitely a unique experience to say the least. I had no idea what to expect. We were led upstairs to the tasting room where the Redhook tour ends and it was transformed into a man cave! Since I am horrible with photos I didn’t capture the full experience so I will try to explain it. When we walked in we saw stacks of the brand new boxes and a cooler full of the new bottles which will be available to the public shortly. The man cave had 4 giant recliners in front of a big screen TV, poker tables with beer and poker chips on them and buckets of kettle corn and … wait for it… beef jerky!

We were led on a tour of the facility in a much more detailed fashion than the normal tour. The coolest part of the night was tasting fresh Goose Island Honkers beer right from the tank. As some of you know, Redhook brews beer for Widmer Brothers, Goose Island and Kona, but they don’t pour them in the pub so it was cool tasting something that we can’t get close by. Speaking of close by we were informed that Redhook will be doing a “Backyard Series” featuring beers from the brewers using local ingredients. They are working on a Milk Stout for the series among others so that’s all I need to hear :).

The star of the party was indeed the new labels and the new bottle shape. I think the bottle shape is a mixture of a standard 12oz bottle and a Red Stripe bottle. The bottle doesn’t do anything for the already great flavor, it’s simply redesigned to be easy to handle and to look extremely cool. Next to the cooler of beer they displayed the new Copeprhook cans! Although we were not allow to take/drink any we were assured a late April/early May realease of the Redhook Cans. The beers that will be premiering in the new bottles are Copperhook, Longhammer, ESB and Pilsner which was once called Rope Swing. I was a sucker for the branding because I mentioned how much I really liked the Pilsner but was not a fan of the Rope Swing, much to my surprise they are one in the same. To add to the bottle, the caps have funny sayings and even some pictures under them. I was shocked to see the Freemont Troll under one of my caps. If you’re an avid reader, I saw the troll on my trip to Seattle (link) which is a short hop away from Redhook’s Woodinville,WA location.

It was a fun time with some good friends and I met some cool people as well. While Double Black stays at the top of the charts for me (no longer available) I have become notably fond of the Single Barb IPA which is only on draft. Happy Birthday, Redhook! Here’s to another 30 years! Bring back Double Black!