Beer Notes: Magic Hat Demo Black IPA


Beer: Demo Black IPA
Brewer: Magic Hat
Style: Black IPA
ABV: 6.00%

At the time of this review I was really starting to get into Black IPAs. When I saw Magic Hat had one I was pretty excited because of all of their other great brews. Let’s give it a go. Pours a dark brown with light head and I couldn’t smell anything particular. Beyond roasted malt and a kick of hops/pine there really isn’t much to the taste. It seemed a little too carbonated for me. I was expecting a much smoother beer (hint: Back in Black) but it just wasn’t it. The one thing I can say positive about this beer is had a clean finish. All in all I have had worse Black IPAs (Dogzilla) but other than that I have had better (every other Black IPA besides Dogzilla). I know there are a ton of Magic Hat fans out there so I’ll mark the review as “Worth a Try” only because I would like to hear your opinion but in my heart of hearts I want to give it a “No Dice” review, but I won’t. This beer won’t end up in my fridge again.

Review: Worth a Try