Beer Notes: 21st Amendment Back in Black


Beer: Back in Black
Brewer: 21st Amendment
Style: Black IPA
ABV: 7% (varies)

It used to seem that you can only find good beer in bottles, not anymore. When I first tried Back in Black on tap at ther Penguin in Boston, I called my refridgerator and reserved a space for a 6pack, little did I know it came in a can and I was excited to try it.

I drank this beer straight out of the can. I’ll pour bottles into glasses but it just seems appropriate to drink straight from the can. Beyond the smell of the tin can I smelled a good amount of hops/pine and some dark malt. The taste is piney but malty. Hops stick with you from the first sip to the last and gets sweeter with every sip. This is one smooth smooth beer that is perfectly carbonated and has a nice dry (but not too dry) finish. I am a Black IPA fan so this was an easy victory for me, the only obstacle was the can, but I am now a believer. Only thing I don’t like is it isn’t avaliable around me (like most beers) but that gives me an excuse to meet up with friends in the Northern MA area.

Review: Love it (need more of it)