Beer Notes: Dogfish Head Pangaea

Beer: Pangaea
Brewer: Dogfish Head
Style: Belgian Strong Pale Ale
ABV: 7%

I’m writing this review in the Portsmouth Brewery over a lovely Black Cat Stout. It should be known that the brewery does great stouts and even though the spring/summer ales are coming in the winters are always here to stay.

Tonight’s review is of Pangaea, a brew by Dogfish Head which uses an ingredient from every continent. The most notable ingredient, as stated on the bottle is the caramelized ginger.

The brew pours a bright orange and the smell reminds me of sushi. I love sushi and with every plate of sushi comes a plate of ginger to clean the palette. I wish sushi came with this beer instead :).

You smell and taste only ginger from the get go with this beer. While the taste was all ginger, it reminded me a lot of smashed pumpkin by shipyard.

The beer is very smooth and the low carbonation makes it go down easy. That said I can’t say I would get this every time but I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new interesting beer. I can see myself grabbing a bottle as long as someone would drink it with me. I left a dead soldier as I didn’t have the strength to finish the entire bottle.

Review: Like it