Official Kate the Great Day Blogger!

Thanks Charlie Sheen for all you’ve done this week. I also feel like I am winning. The past week and a half I have been hard at work with JT from Smuttynose as I have been asked to be the official live blogger of Kate Day 2011!

What does this mean?

It means I will be in the thick of it all day Monday talking to the people in line, people at the bar and most importantly keeping everyone updated on the crazyness of the day. I’ll post the link to the live blog page on Sunday and the only thing you need to do is refresh the page to see the updates.


As part of collaborating with Portsmouth Brewery and Smuttynose Brewery, I started the twitter feed on the right side of the page which combines all of our tweets. This will also show tweets with the official hashtag #kateday2011. If your enjoying Kate or hating the line, use the hashtag and let everyone be jealous 🙂


One of my ideas was not only to let people who couldn’t make it to Kate the Great Day read whats going on, but watch what’s going on. We will be streaming live from above the bar the entire day. I will post the link and you can sit back and see if you can sneak out for a “meeting” or not. I am pretty pumped about this most of all because it was very simple to get working. JT and I did a test run last night and it will be pretty cool.

Big thanks to Peter and JT for giving me the oppurtunity. Say hey to me if you see me out there, it should be a “great” day (pun intended).