Portsmouth Beer Week Pub Crawl- 3/5

I can’t say I’ve been on many pub crawls in my day. I think I have only been on 2. Nevertheless there is one coming up this weekend and I plan on attending. Celebrating Portsmouth Beer Week/Portsmouth Craft Beer Week/Portsmouth Beer Weekend (all the same), Smuttynose is hosting a Pub Crawl that highlights the best bars in town. This one looks like it isn’t for the weak at liver as it totals 7 stops in the course of an afternoon. The crawl kicks off at 2pm at the Coat of Arms as they tap the casks. here is a list of all the stops along with some tips on what to expect beer and food wise. The letters below correspond to the letters in the map above.

A- Coat of Arms
(Beer Tip: Whatever they are tapping that day on Cask I will have)
(Food Tip: Best burger in town- Picadilly Circus Burger)

B- Blue Mermaid
(Beer Tip: They have a great tap list including Breckenridge Brewing Vanilla Porter)
(Food Tip: If you just ate the burger above, have some chips and salsa here )

C- Fat Belly’s
(Beer Tip: Redhook ESB is always a winner here)
(Food Tip: Wings )

D- Poco’s
(Beer Tip: Not sure what to expect, Dos Equis or Red Stripe if anything 🙂 )
(Food Tip: Haven’t had a bad thing on the menu here, good mexican food)

E- River House
(Beer Tip: Usually have a good tap list here)
(Food Tip: I think I had a wrap here once and like it )

F- RiRa
(Beer Tip: The largest tap selection in town, I’m having a Switchback here)
(Food Tip: Curry Chips sounds like a good idea if you have made it this far)

G- Press Room
(Beer Tip: Great selection, Moat Mountain is usually my go-to here)
(Food Tip: Never ate here, your on your own)

**Note: Throughout the week some of these bars will be tapping some rare Smuttynose and Redhook beers but I am not sure if they will show up for the pub crawl, there is always hope. Regardless, each place has their own take on a tap list which makes this crawl that much better.

There is no cost on joining the pub crawl but you will need to fund your beverages and food along the way. This is just a cool way of getting beer drinkers together on a Saturday for some good ol’ fashion drinking. I’ll see you there or I will see you another time.

Don’t forget about the Redhook Meetup this sunday! (link)