Beertickers: Beyond the Ale Review


I decided to toss on a movie a couple days ago recommended by Jeff over at the blog Beervana. Beertickers is a documentary following men who’s hobby/job is beerticking. Beer ticking is simple. Find a beer, drink it, write it down (“tick” it). The movie takes place across the pond in the UK where its all about the real ale. Let’s watch.

The 2009 documentary follows a couple of well known tickers. Right off the bat I am shocked that this is an actual thing in the UK. This is a hobby I never heard of. Sure I will track my beer from time to time, but these folks take it seriously. The director of the documentary does a pretty good job of keeping it interesting with snippets of history and following different people around. There are many forms/styles of ticking. First, it seems a sign of respect that you tick nothing less than a half-pint, no sip and ticks here. I enjoyed that because A) I don’t think you can appreciate a beer off one sip and B) Suck it up and do it. This means a LOT of beer has been drank by some of the world champion tickers, who in this movie are some really interesting characters who have to have a high tollerance. After ordering and drinking your half pint you write it down in a notebook, napkin, palm pilot, phone, etc.

Throughout the movie drunkenness is brought up a couple times but is mentioned as “part of the job” but not the objective. Real Ale, as many of you know, is of lower ABV, allowing more beers to be consumed in one session. I have a growing appreciation for Real Ale (cask) since going to NERAX North event in Haverhill, MA. This movie also made me crave them even more. Don’t worry if you can’t understand a British accent so well, they subtitle the really hard to hear parts. This movie doesn’t highlight the drunks of the UK, it’s very easy to understand when someones talking.

While finishing up the movie I wondered, was this blown out of proportion? Most documentaries are super specific and over emotional on one topic so I can understand the directors point of view. The people highlighted in the documentary are extremely passionate about beer ticking. All that said it was definietley an entertaining movie to watch. The movie runs about 1:30 and is $0.99 (Standard Quality) or $1.99 (HD) on iTunes (link). I recommend it. For more info check out the Beertickers site.

What beer movies do you recommend?