Weekend Wrap-up: Syracuse

This past weekend I took a long weekend and drove 6 hours to Syracuse to hang out with some good friends from the area. I have been to Syracuse a handful of times but never with the beer state of mind I have now since I started blogging.

J Ryans

We started off by heading to J Ryans, recommended to me by a co-worker due to the amount of taps they have. This place sports 60+ taps with some great beer. I asked for a local porter/stout and was handed a pint of Horsehead’s Chocolate Porter which was an easy pleas-er. Horseheads Brewing comes from the town of the same name a little south of ‘cuse. We were also handed a sample of another Horseheads brew, their Hot Jala-Heim, a Jalapeno Ale. Never would I have thought a Jalapeno beer would taste this refreshing. You can taste the fresh Jalenpeno with a little “hey how ya doin?” of spice on the back of the palette. My friend ordered a pint of that, and I ordered a growler to take back to the hotel. I also had the chance to have a pint of Troegs Nugget Nectar Imperial Red, well done Troegs…well done!

By the way, don’t let crappy hotels steer you away from being creative with a trash can. Makes for a perfect growler cooler.


My favorite college bar. There really isn’t much to this bar but the college atmosphere is enough to keep you there. It takes careful planning and dedication to get a table at Chucks. You need to be there early, like 5pm early, if you want to be comfortable all night. It is a must go-to for those wanting to check out the college bar of Syracuse and to have $3.50 pichers of Miller Light on Friday nights 🙂

Dino BBQ/Heid’s

Go to Dinosaur BBQ for their BBQ and go to Heid’s for their Hot Dogs, the best of both worlds.

Middle Ages Brewing

Woke up to a blizzard (and a mild hangover) on Saturday and the only cure for that was BBQ and beer. After slaying a beast at Dino BBQ I dragged my friends to Middle Ages Brewing to sample 7 beers in their tasting room. I snagged the Dragon Slayer Stout to bring back to NH with me and a shirt that says ‘Beer Wench’ on it for m’lady. You can find their beer in stores and on tap around town.

Blue Tusk

Late Saturday night we checked out Blue Tusk, a stylish beer bar in downtown Syracuse. Here is a lesson any beer drinker should know by now. Never offer to buy first round in a fancy beer bar that you never been to until you see the price of the beer. 2 Urthel Hop-Its (10 oz) and 1 Middle Ages Syracuse Pale Ale was $30 with tip, aren’t my friends lucky to have me :)? All in all it was a great bar but everyone in this beer bar had mixed drinks to which I docked some points. Tried the Middle Ages porter on cask as well, smokey and delicious.

Missed Opportunities (coulda woulda shoulda)

Ithaca Beer Co. (Ithica, NY) (link)- Litteraly drove by this place on the way to Syracuse from Elmira, doh!
Brewery Ommegang (Cooperstown, NY) (link)- Timing wasn’t on my side. Drove past this place too late in the night to stop. Next time.
Saranac Brewing (Utica, NY) (link)- I had planned on going here but plans changed last minute and they aren’t open on Sundays. Next time.
LIBA Beerup (Hudson, MA) (link)- From what I read and hear, Josh has great beer meet up events but I was sadly out of town for this one. Next time!

All in all I covered some great ground and had a good time in Syracuse. Hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully you had a chance to try new beer!