Beer Notes: Lagunitas

Today’s Beer Notes is all about Lagunitas. Spoiler alert, you will not find a bad beer in this review. I am new to this brewery but I always see people I follow on Redpint, Untappd and Twitter drinking it so it must be good. Off to the beer store!

Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale

This is one smooth beer. Pours a light orange and the smell is a mixture of orange, mango and some other cirtus from the hops. Their are a lot of different flavors with this one but they all work very well together. Caramel malt mixed with hops and other citrus. The flavor makes this beer a really smooth drinker along with its lightly carbonated body and semi dry finish. Before you know it this beer is finished and you need more. Sumpin Sumpin is a very refreshing and easy to drink, good for the beginner hop heads and someone looking for a tasty beer after a hard days work.

Lagunitas Brown Shuggah

This one was recommended me by the same person who recommended Sierra Nevada Glissade (we all know how much I loved didn’t love that), so I treaded lightly with this brew. Pours light brown if not almost orange and you smell the sweet sugar and molasses from the giddy up. No surprise that you taste a good amount of sweetness, but I also got a good amount of molasses and even a little hop bite at the beginning which fades away slowly. While sipping I noticed a syrupy mouth feel that I haven’t had in many brews, the sweetness rides out the storm right to the end but it definitely is not over sweet. Medium carbonation keeps you from chugging it, as it should :).

Lagunitas has impressed me so far and I have 3 left in my fridge to review, their Censored Copper Ale, Pale Ale and Hopious Maximus. Even if those 3 are the worst beers I have ever had (i doubt it), Lagunitas has won me over twice and I have fallen for them :). What brewery has surprised you lately?