Weekend Review: Noho Brewery, Pretty Things , Kate the Great

Took a trip back to Western, MA to celebrate my nephew’s 3rd birthday and to make the most of the trip we stopped at some local hot spots in town.


Judies Restaurant has evolved into a a must go to for me in terms of dinner when I am visiting home. Not only do they have great food, most of that great food is served in a popover, mmm. I had a BBC Nitro Coffeehouse Porter on draft which was eggsellent. That night was comprised of tasting a couple different homebrews from my dad and even tasting some Brother Adam’s Bragget Honey Ale (reviewed here from the Beer Babe). This was a great beer to end the night. An 11% honey ale that really doesn’t taste boozy but was just right.

Northampton Brewery

We made our way to Northampton to check out the sister brewery to the Portsmouth Brewery. I had a sampler, as I now tend to do with new places and had some great beer.

Daniel Shays Best Bitter- My favorite of the sampler, really nice flavor.
Ace of Spades- A really nice American Black Ale, not a favorite for anyone else.
Parking Ban Porter- An easy win, and topical due to all of the snow going on here in New England.
Northampton Pale Ale– My least favorite but still good. Can’t seem to put my finger on the taste of a Pale Ale just yet.

Moan and Dove

Rated one of the top bars in the US by BA and Draft Magazine, the Moan and Dove has become a second home to me when I am visting home. We took my parents there and had a couple good beers there. We tried the Left Hand Milk Stout which reminded me a lot of the Wachusett Milk Stout, very sweet which isn’t a bad thing. Lisa got a Lagunitas Little Sumpin Sumpin which will now be a staple in our fridge, great beer.

Pretty Things

I was lucky enough to be there the night Dan and Martha from Pretty Things made an appearance. They were promiting a couple of their beers on tap at the Dove (Jack D’or and St Botolph’s Town), serving them for not only $3, but also in these awesome Pretty Things glasses. After they came around to our table and introduced themselves I approached them on the way out to say thanks for stopping by. Big thanks to Dan and Martha for picking a perfect date to swing by the Moan and Dove :). They make great beer, Babyaga being my favorite.

No Kate for Me

Not even my dad’s bloody mary bar can heal the pain of losing the Kate the Great lottery. 18 swings and 18 misses for me with the Kate the Great Scratch tickets. I think it makes the most sense though. If there was one person to lose it would be me, for I worsphip the ground is stands on. I have no worries about having a Kate-less year, I always seem to be there for the special occasions but it would have been nice to have a bottle :(. Not the biggest fan of how it was run this year but I am sure the process will be tweaked over the next couple years. See you March 7th!