Beer Notes: Sebago Bass Ackwards and Sierra Nevada Glissade

Happy Monday everyone! Trying to catch up on my beer notes from the weekend. Here are a couple newbees for you. A quick reminder about these notes. I am in no way a professional beer taster but I enjoy writing down my thoughts on what comes out of my fridge. Take these reviews however you wish but I hope you enjoy my thoughts :).

Sebago Bass Ackwards Blueberry

“Get me something I will like.” Lisa says to me as I venture out to Gary’s Beverages for some new beers. We are both suckers for a Blueberry beer and we haven’t tried Sebago’s yet so I grabbed a bottle.

Pours from the bottle a dark amber red color. You can smell the blueberry instantly but there is also a bready, oatmeal flavor as well. I think I also smelled some other berries. The first taste is what you expect from a blueberry beer, but this seemed more refreshing. First you’re hit with the blueberry taste but it quickly goes away to a light malty taste. Maybe I was keeping the name ‘Bass Akwards’ in mind while sipping but it did seem like this “blueberry beer” was a facade for a nice refreshing beer with a quick hit of blueberry. Nothing wrong with the previous statement. I have had one too many blueberry beers that were way too heavy on the blueberry and not enough concentration on the actual beer as a whole. The mouth on this one is very refreshing with a nice crisp finish. I recommend this one to anyone, more specifically those who are tired of the same big blueberry taste from all the other blueberry beers. Another win for Sebago Brewing!

Sierra Nevada Glissade

For the past couple weeks a co-worker of mine (who shall remain nameless) was pestering me to try and review Sierra Nevada’s Glissade Golden Bock, which is their Spring beer. On my trip to pick up some Baxter Brewing cans in Maine (review coming soon) at Tully’s in Wells, ME, my new favorite store, I picked up a 6 pack. Side note, from Portsmouth Tully’s is an hour round trip which is frustrating due to speed limit laws but it really isn’t that far away. Glissade pours golden like the name of the beer and very clear. I didn’t really smell much of anything, maybe the sweet notes of the malts used or something. The taste as best I can describe it tasted like a light vanilla wafer with a little hop bite. Light carbonation with a medium body. I wasn’t floored by this one. I wish I mixed 1 or 2 of these in a mixed 6 pack instead of committing to six bottles but I was beer pressured. This is a first since starting beer notes, but I do not recommend this beer. There are better bocks out there and much better beers from Sierra out there to get than this one.

Lessons learned from these two beers is that Sebago Brewing continues to please and even the craft beer greats can have a misfire in my book. What’s new in your fridge?