Cape Ann Brewing

This weekend I took m’lady to Haverhill Brewery aka The Tap for some good Friday night eats and some delicious beer. I started out with the Swanny Boy Maple Porter and Lisa got the Gestalt. Both really good beers. The Maple Porter was perfect for the type of weather and was nice and sweet. The Gestalt was light (from the one sip I stole) and good. I ended the evening with their Mother Abbess, and Belgian Abbey Ale which was really really good. I wanted to grab a couple bottles on my way out but as my short term memory is crap, I forgot. I will definitely head back there soon if not just to say hey to head brewer Jon Curtis. As I was leaving I sent him a tweet and I should have done it sooner so I could have introduced myself in person. Keep up the good breing Jon!

The next day was an adventure to say the least. Adam from Brewengland had invited me and Lisa out to Gloucester to meet up with him, Sarah and some of their brew buddies at the new Cape Ann Brewing Co location. Since Lisa couldn’t make it I drove down to pick my friend up in Salem and we headed over to check it out. The place is small with family style bench seating so we weren’t able to sit right next to Adam and Sarah. We spoke for a little bit then I quickly grabbed the beer list and made some decisions. I had their Vanilla Bean infused Pumpkin stout which was excellent. Sounds like an odd combination right, Pumpkin and Vanilla? Well it worked out extremely well. Throughout the course of the 4 hours we were there I tried their IPA and their Amber Ale. I really like how non-intense the IPA was, it was a nice balance of hoppiness and sweetness. I am always a sucker for an Amber Ale, so this was an easy to please me beer.

They had a good selection of beer and food, nachos are always a go-to when with friends and trying beers. What stood out to me was Cape Ann’s great selection of bar games. Board games galore, including ‘Don’t Wake Daddy’ (“from Parker brothers!”) a shuffleboard table and this ring game which I just found out is called Bimini Ring Game or more cleverly, Ringmaster. The game is simple. Take the loop on the end of the string tied to the ceiling and and swing it to hook on the hook on the wall. This simple game took us 45 minutes for one of us to hook it. We were not leaving the Brewery until we completed this task and we did! Good thing Kendrick ringed it when he did because as I state in the video, I had to “go to the bathroom” (I give you raw video, no editing! 🙂 )

To wrap up the day Adam talked to the brewer and he gave us a quick tour of the new facilities. A lot in a tight space but very clean. He mentioned that all of the beer you drink at this location comes from these tanks, but if you get it in a bottle the beer is made in Saratoga Springs. He sends the recipe up there and they make it, bottle it and ship it. Either way you are getting the same great brew but from two different places.

Big thanks to Adam and Sarah for asking me to come out. I hope to get back to Gloucester sometime before my next 15 mile race, which I did in September and was my first Gloucester experience. Check out their new digs, it’s really cool!