Beer Memories- Shanghai

I have been over to Shanghai (China) a whopping 5 times thanks to my dad for working over there for a while. What some of you may not know about me is I am a runner. On my last trip to Shanghai my parents and I made a quick pitstop in Beijing to run the 2009 Great Wall of China Marathon! Yeah, that’s 26.2 miles some of which was on the wall itself, such a bad ass time. While I did some pretty awesome things over there, there are a couple of them that pertain to this blog and I look back on what possibly started my love of beer.

Shanghai 2008
In this first beer memory account, me, my parents and their friends were traveling around on a hot day and needed to cool off. We stopped over at Xintiandi, which is a shopping area with plenty of places to stop for a drink and some good food. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed some of the Shanghai native women dressed up as German beer wenches. While the site was hilarious I knew we needed to stop there. It was the Paulaner Brauhaus.

Then menu was extensive but I went right for the beer which came in Lager, Heff and Dunkel. We then noticed the sizes. Half pint (no thanks), pint (eh, I’m more thirsty), liter, and 1.5 liters! The men at the table were thirsty, we all nodded, yelled for the beer wench and I began drinking the biggest beer ever served to me.

For beer on a hot day, this was the one to be drinking a nice icey cold lager that was more refreshing than words can describe. So refreshing that…we all drank our first ones a little too quickly (input sad face here 🙁 ) With a couple of handle claps and a whistle, the beer wench came, grabbed the empties and hurried back with 4 more liters of ice cold Shanghai/German goodness.

Now, it should be mentioned that the natives of Shanghai, and most of China as I soon found out, are a curious people. You will be stared at wherever you go and you have to learn to deal with it. When your doing something way out of the ordinary for them, like 4 men surrounding a table drinking massive beers, they will stop dead in there tracks and just look, laugh and smile. My favorite were the tourists who stopped to congratulate us, as we were the only ones there with the liters as if we accepted some challenge when in all seriousness we were just thirsty Americans. But don’t kid yourself for a second, we did our fair share of staring back. Staring at the large tourists groups that all had the same color hat on. Staring at the elderly American gentleman with what at first glance looks like his great grand daughter, but something tells me that kiss she just gave him doesn’t run in the family… In any event, people watching was in full affect!

When all was said and done and it was time to move on to the next location, we made our mark, an image I will always remember from my early beer drinking days. The tower of Paulener!

Coming up soon I will get a write-up of my trip to the Tsingtao Brewery in beautiful Qingdao, China