Beer Notes: Peak Maple Oat, Sebago Frye’s Leap and Shipyard Imperial Porter

Let’s catch up some some brews that has mysteriously disappeared from my fridge, hopped into my glass and have since passed through me 🙂

Peak Organic Maple Oat Ale

First up is Peak Organic’s Maple Oat Ale. I grabbed this brew before the snow hit last week incase we were snowed in and, well, we were. This beer called ot me after homebrewing a semi-failure batch of Maple Pale Ale, so I wanted to see what I could have brewed.

The pour is a light brown with little to no head on it. It had a light sweet malt smell which I wasn’t surprised about, as this beer is only 5.2%. The taste is kind of an eyebrow raiser. It is very light overall but has a big punch of malt/oat in the begining that seemed surprising at first but finished nicely. There is a hint of maple but I think I was looking for more. Other tasting notes of sweet caramel from the malt. This was an easy drinker and I would go for it again when I am in the mood for a beer that isn’t too over the top. This is my first of the line of Peak beers and they didn’t get rid of me with this one. It had an organic taste, as I mentioned, that tasted more oaty than usual. Can’t wait to try more from them. For information on the rest of the Peak line, check out their website here.

Sebago Brewing Frye’s Leap IPA

Next up is one I had for the first time at the Blue Mermaid Sebago Beer Dinner and I wanted to get my thoughts on paper. As you know and by now you should, I was not a big IPA lover but I have since broke that bad habit and will try any IPA in my path. Frye’s Leap pours a golden amber color with a light amount of white head. The floral smell outweighs the citrus smell and that’s something to take into consideration. Most of the IPAs have that huge kick of citrus smell but this one has a good combination of smells that stands out from most other IPAs I have tried. The taste hits you hard at the begining with hop/citrus flavor but quickly dies down. While writing that last sentenced I noticed while the intense hop taste died down there is a little “remember me?” of hops left on the back of my tongue. The carbonation is just right with this one and it’s intensity only packs a 6.2% abv punch, well played Sebago. I reccomend!For more information on the story behind this tasty beer, check out the Sebago website here.

Shipyard Imperial Porter (Pugsley Signature Series)

To complete the tri-fecta of Beer Notes is the Shipyard Imperial Porter (Pugsley Signature Series). Wasn’t feeling like a big brew tonight so I grabbed this 7ish% abv bottle from the fridge and poured it into my glass. Pours a very dark black color with some nice light brown head. Smells of dark chocolate and cherry with some oaky/wood smells. It smelled like it was going to punch me in the face when I tasted it, but I was wrong. The taste is a lot smokier than I thought it would be, the dark toasty malt flavor was there but without the big alcohol kick. This was a very smooth and lightly carbonated beer that started out smooth but left a dryness in my mouth at the end. I reccomend this brew to those looking for a porter without the high abv but I can see it being too burnt tasting for some, all depends on your taste. For more information on this beer and the rest of the Pugsley Signature line, check out their site here. I have tried the Smashed Pumpkin and I still have the Barley Wine and XXX IPA sitting on my beer rack to taste.

This concludes another wonderful Beer Notes. What have you tried recently that has ‘Peaked’ your interests or makes you want to ‘Leap’ for joy?(get it?)