Blogger Spotlight- Lost in the Beer Aisle

New week = a new blogger to spotlight.

Let’s meet our blogger!

First Things First

Magic Hat Blind Faith

Blog Name: Lost in the Beer Aisle
Blog Address:
Twitter/Facebook: Twitter: @Lost_in_Beer Facebook: LostintheBeerAisle
Blog Location: On the internet. Just kidding…I’m out of Metrowest, MA.

Let’s Get Personal

Name: Josh Dion, but call me JDizzle…or don’t.  I go by “Lost” on the blog.
Age: 31 years young
Where Did You Grow Up?: Central Vermont in a town of 1500.  My high school graduating class had 22 people.  I harbor violent anger for much of my home town.

To the Blog!

Describe the name of your blog
The name of the blog is Lost in the Beer aisle for a good reason.  When I started blogging about beer I knew virtually nothing about it other than I liked it.  I wanted a blog name that indicated that I was confused and lost in what I was doing, but not afraid to admit I was clueless.

How long have you been blogging?
I started the blog in the spring of 2009…quickly approaching my 2 year anniversary!

Why did you choose to blog?
When I started dabbling in beer I found some of the “scene” intimidating.  Lots of beer snobs out there who look down on non craft beer drinkers.  When I realized I wanted to start writing about beer, I wanted to write about it in a way that anyone and everyone could relate to.  So crazy beer lingo, no judging attitudes, and no “right” and “wrong” when it comes to beer.

What is the coolest thing that has happened since you have been blogging?
Hands down, the best thing that has happened was when my readers voted me to go to CANFEST out in Reno this past fall.  Truly humbling experience.

Beer Me

Josh with Dan Doug (Buckbean Beer) CANFEST 2010

Favorite Beer (Top 3 if you can’t decide on 1)
Tough choice!  My #1 beer changes as I try more.  Right now as I sit here today I’d call Founders Backwoods Bastard my top brew.  Founders makes great stuff and their breakfast stout is on my top 10 as well.  Speaking of which…I have one of those in the fridge that I forgot about!!!
Favorite Beer experience
I regularly hold Boston area social media events for beer lovers.  Each time I hold one I get to meet new beer loving people.  We all have a great time.  Besides the blog, coordinating and hosting these events is my passion.
5 Favorite Beer Blogs/Sites
Daily Beer Review – Rob consistently reviews a beer a day.  His writing style is laid back with humor mixed in.
Ales from the Crypt – A truly unique writing style makes Rick’s reviews fun to read.  He hasn’t blogged in a month or two and I’ve given him a hard time about it.
The Best Beer Blog – These guys are local to me and are hilarious.  Unfortunately they don’t blog a lot, but when they do I die laughing.
Beer Advocate – Love their events calendar and beer information.  Forums are not my cup of tea though.
I’m leaving #5 blank – For all the people I can’t mention.  I follow a couple hundred beer blogs!!
Do you use any Beer App?
Nope.  I frankly think the concept is a little goofy.  HOWEVER, when Redpint releases their Android app, I’m giving it a shot.
Favorite Food/Beer Pairing
Hmmm…I don’t really have one.  Right now I could go for some shrimp fajitas and a Dos Equis!
Are you a homebrewer? Any aspirations of becoming one?
Nope and nope.  Too busy drinking 3-5 new beers a week.  When would I have time to drink 5 gallons?
Favorite Bar
That’s tough.  One that serves beer?  I frankly don’t have one go-to bar.
Biggest “must do” beer goal in 2011
I don’t have a single biggest, but I recently blogged about two different sets of goals:
1. New beers resolutions (the beers I want  to try in 2011)
2. LIBA in 2011 (things to do with the blog in 2011)

The Obvious Questions

Josh with Alicia and John from Redpint

Opt in or Opt out of the TSA full body scan? and why?
HA!  Awesome question.  I’m all for it.  I’d like to see the giggles from the screeners as they see what I’m packing (or more aptly, what I’m not packing).

If you could be on any reality TV show, what would it be and why?
Pretending for a moment that:  #1 I had the guts, and #2 I had the youth and the physique..The Ultimate Fighter.  Yup.  I’m a huge mixed martial arts fan.  TUF is one of the few reality shows that I’ll watch.  Can’t wait for this genre to die.

What would the world be like without beer?
My first instinct, along with everyone else’s, is to say OMFG LIFE WOULD BE TERRIFFICALLY AWFUL!  But…People like us would wind up finding a different vice to preoccupy out minds.  So, although the landscape would be different, things wouldn’t be all that out of the ordinary.

Special thanks to Josh, check out his blog “Lost in the Beer Isle“.

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