Blogger Spotlight- Brew England

This is my fist in a hopefully long line of spotlights. I am a big reader of blogs and talk to a lot of people on twitter and I want to shine the light on some of them in case you may have missed them.

Let’s meet our blogger!

First Things First

Blog Name: Brew England

Blog Address:

Twitter/Facebook: Yes on both! @brewengland, BrewEngland on FB

Blog Location: Braintree, MA

Let’s Get Personal

Name: Adam Meuse

Age: 30

Where Did You Grow Up?: Manchester, NH

To the Blog!

Adam & Sarah at BBC

Describe the name of your blog

BrewEngland was chosen as we have a primary focus on New England breweries, brewpubs, and brews, so it was the most fitting name. It’s pretty catchy too.

How long have you been blogging?

We’ve been blogging since 2009, but really didn’t kick it into gear until 2010.

Why did you choose to blog?

We felt that we needed to share our adventures. We had already been on several brewery tours, and had a blast! I also love talking about beer, so I figured I’d share my thoughts on the different brewpubs, breweries, beer events, and beers I’ve been visiting/attending/drinking

What is the coolest thing that has happened since you have been blogging?

Probably being included in the Norman Miller (aka: The Real Beer Nut) of the Metro West Daily News blog post about New England beer bloggers. Though setting up a beer tasting for the “Cure Me I’m Irish” event has been awesome!

Beer Me

Favorite Beer (Top 3 if you can’t decide on 1)
My top favorite is probably Harpoon IPA, though you can’t go wrong with a Sam Adams Boston Lager. There are too many other new favorites to mention.
Favorite Beer experience
Attending the AHA Rally at the Sam Adams brewery on 7/29/10 – my 30th birthday – and meeting Jim Koch (again).
5 Favorite Beer Blogs/Sites
I don’t get a lot of time to spend reading blogs, but I must admit I’ve been getting into SCBL. I usually sift through the Homebrewer’s Association Website too. I’ll hit up Norman Miller’s site as well from time to time.
Do you use any Beer App?
I just started using Untappd. I think I have like 5 “check-ins”. I’m actually in the process of designing one myself.
Favorite Food/Beer Pairing
Burgers and beer are best. Though Pizza is right up there!
Are you a homebrewer? Any aspirations of becoming one?
Yes I am, though I don’t brew as much as I should.
Favorite Bar
I really like the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson, MA as well as Jimmy the Greek’s in Old Orchard Beach, ME and The Snug in Hingham, MA, though locally I’d have to say Boston Beer Works on Canal Street near the Garden.
Biggest “must do” beer goal in 2011
I would LOVE to make it out to Colorado for the GABF, but that will likely have to wait until 2012 as I’m getting married in June of this year. I’d probably say to brew more of my own beer – and get into kegging. Bottling sucks!

The Obvious Questions

Adam & Sarah at Mayflower Brewing

Opt in or Opt out of the TSA full body scan? and why?

I recently went to Chicago and experienced the full body scan at Logan. It’s the quickest way to get to the airport bar, plus I don’t really care who sees my junk. Better than getting felt up I suppose.

If you could be on any reality TV show, what would it be and why?

I used to want to be on Road Rules when it originally came out. I haven’t traveled very much, and that would have been a lot of fun. I don’t watch much reality tv shows, unless you consider hockey, Ax Men, or Drinking Made Easy (liked Three Sheets better) a reality show.

What would the world be like without beer?

The world would suck. Seriously! I’d like to thank the English though for taking control of India, because there probably wouldn’t have been India Pale Ales otherwise. Though, I’m sure someone would have gotten crazy on the hops eventually!

Thanks Adam! Be sure to check out his blog ‘BrewEngland‘.

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