Looking Ahead- 2011 Blog Goals

Happy New Year everyone!

Just got back from a long drive/short trip to Lake Placid to visit my sister. I had some good beer from the Great Adirondack Brewing Co. and of course the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery. Although I had been away from the blog for about a week, it gave me time to think ahead to come up with some New Years resolutions. I don’t like setting any personal ones, as I can’t follow through with them. I don’t see any difference between setting “goals” during any other of the 11 months, and setting them at the first of every year, so there! But I did want to set some goals for the Beverage Lab because I enjoy giving my loyal readers A) New Content and B) Something to look forward to!

Not in any order…

Local Spotlight

The name of the blog, as you may or may not know, represents the Seacoast area of the US (aka Portsmouth, New Hampshire). I want to stay on top of whats going on around my area. I would really like to be able to get a ‘what’s on tap’ section going, showing you what beer is on tap at some of the top bars in town. I have received great feedback from my calendar of local happy hours/specials so I feel I should take it one step further.

Wine/Cocktail Reviews

Also showing up in my Blog name is ‘Beverage’, as in more than just beer. I would like to get a little exposure to wine as well as have guest bloggers chime in with a Wine review for a possible ‘Wine Wednesday’.

More Collaboration

I read some really awesome local blogs. I chat offline with some good people that I would like to get together and collaborate with. What does this mean? Hosting events, guest blogging and perhaps podcasting. Check out my list of blogs I read on the right and you can expect to see some of those names more often around the Beverage Lab.

New Logo

I am currently working with a local designer to get a new logo. This is exciting for me because I can’t draw a stick figure and someone wants to help me out! Once it goes live I will get the word out on the designer and hope you enjoy it. Also thanks for the positive feedback on the new site design, I like it 🙂

Better Reviewing

I want to get better at reviewing/tasting the beer that I drink. I put up my ‘Beer Notes’ on beers that I drink and I want to learn more about the smells and tastes of the beers I throw back in 2011.

BBC 2011

This is a big goal for me. I want…nay… need to attend the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference. I was too new in the game to go to Colorado in November but I feel I am up to the task this year. The conference is On Aug 19-21 and in the beer mecca of the USA, Portland, OR. Hoping I can nudge a couple local bloggers to come with so we can get some East Coast representation.

Trying to keep it simple this year and continue to improve my writing and collaboration. Stick with me everyone and we’ll do just fine!

Cheers to 2011,