Best of Seacoast 2010

Best of the Seacoast 2010. The Votes are in!

Thank you to everyone who voted. The votes were tallied and here are your winners!

Red Door gets the medal. Whether if its the “hole in the wall-ness” or the cocktails, residents and tourists alike flock to this classy place for some good drinks and some good music.

This was a close race but the honor goes to the 2010 NH Brew Fest. This was a great time and I am already counting the days until the next one 🙂

No matter if its the Celtics Basketball or Celtics Rugby you can find all the games at these two places. The Page has a bunch of TVs making sure you wont miss any of the action as you suspiciously turn and look to see if you know anyone around the bar. The Coat offers the sports played across the pond, mainly Rugby and Football (Soccer).

Voters must love the beers from overseas, as Coat of Arms wins this category over the Brewery. What does it for a lot of people is the special mixed pints. I remember having a Headless Horseman (Guinness and Pumpkinhead). Not to mention they have a couple great casks and other taps.

This was a closer race than I thought, but in the end you all love Kate. I may have had a little hand in this since I praise the beer. One vote away was Prodigal Brewing and I strongly encourage beer lovers to go check out the offerings from them at the Barley Pub. I am counting down the days until the Kate Day scratch tickets are released!

$1 Tacos is a big winner. Tuesday nights you can get the little gems of goodness which go really well with any offering from the Brewery’s taps.

No matter how many times the businesses next to Gary’s change, Gary’s is not going anywhere. Finest selection in town.

Gilley’s wins the late night eats battle. Whats better after a long night than a greasy pile of cheese fries?

You all had your chance to vote, and although this means absolutely nothing, it was still fun to watch the votes go up and down. In the end the pride and joy of Portsmouth is the Portsmouth Brewery this time around. Closely behind is the Press Room and Coat of Arms. I am making it a personal goal to visit Press Room more often in 2011.
Thanks again to everyone who cast their votes. Raise a glass to 2011 and thanks for reading!