Beer Notes: Stone Lukcy Basartd and Portsmouth Holidaze

Stone Brewing- Lukcy Basartd

My iPhone now thinks Lukcy is a word thanks to the amount of times I have corrected it. In fact the above is the correct spelling of the brew. This is a special one from Stone and their Bastard series.

Appearance- Pours a dark amber/brown color.
Smell- You can smell the grapefruit/pine right up front.
Taste- This had a little more familiar flavor to it than just an over the top Strong Ale. As I let this sit a couple minutes between sips I discovered the peach or pear type taste that was very unique. The hops were aggressive but not overwhelming
Mouth- This is a smooth drinker, nice and creamy with some moderate carbonation. The hops do kick you in the teeth a little as well 🙂
Overall I definitely recommend this beer. All the reviews I have read are positive. This is a limited releases so get to the store and get a bottle! Or 2! Or 3!

Portsmouth Brewery- Holidaze Porter

I am pretty sure this is a new addition to the fleet of already awesome Porters by the Brewery.

Appearance- Served in an imperial pint glass (I’m a proud pint club member). Pours pitch black with a dark brown head
Smell- I smelled cinnamon and nutmeg, perhaps some other spices
Taste- This beer has the taste of a winter spiced beer but kicked up a notch due to it being a porter. Rich malty flavor with spices mentioned above
Mouth- Low carbonation and very smooth going down
This is Christmas in a glass. I know you may not be able to get out to New Hampshire for a pint but I wanted to showcase a new beer in town.
This will most likely be my last post before the 2011 with the exception of my ‘Best of 2010’ awards. Here’s wishing you all the best for the rest of the year. Raise a glass to the ones you love and the beers you loved in 2010.
Cheers, B