Beer Notes: West Coasters and a Lesson from my Dad

Happy Tuesday fellow beverage lovers! This edition of Beer Notes is brought to you by the West Coast! Full Sail Brewing and Great Divide Brewing and their gran winter brews.

Full Sail Brewing- Wreck the Halls

At first glance this isn’t your normal winter brew, that’s because it isn’t. This is a hybrid of their American IPA and their Winter Warmer. Hybrid or no hybrid their is plenty of hoppy notes in this one. The hoppiness doesn’t stick around too long after the first sip but it leaves with a nice fruity taste from fruits I wouldn’t dare to guess (cherry?grapefruit?). My palette was a little confused but nevertheless this brew is worth a try! The name drew me in for sure and this is my first brew from Full Sail (based in Oregon). I look forward to trying more from them!

Great Divide Brewing- Esspresso Oak Aged Yeti

The first time I ever had a Yeti was by chance. I was at Bukowski’s Tavern in Boston and spun the lucky wheel which landed on Yeti, what a beer! This was an easy easy easy win for me. I love coffee stouts. I had prepared myself for this one due to Great Divide’s background of producing some strong beers. This brew pours pitch black with the darkest chocolaty head I have seen to date. Very heavy on the coffee notes (obviously) and the bitter espresso stays with you, in a good way, from first sip to last. This isn’t the best coffee brew I have had. My heart belongs to Coffeehouse Porter from Berkshire Brewing. This is, however another great brew from the people out west in Colorado.

Dad Knows Best

I didn’t become the beer love I am today by chance. I had some good training and influence from my Dad. One of the lessons he has taught me I have tried to pass down to others. Never leave beer in your glass. Whether it be at a bar, party, home, wherever, finish your beer! Sure, there are times when this lesson is hard to follow. I catch myself reviewing a strong beer (like the above) at night and when I think about dumping the remainder of the bottle in the sink I think WWDD, what would Dad do. He would¬†not throw it away unless something was wrong with it. So I take my time with my brews, but never leave a glass unfinished. The last time I did was because I was sick and shouldn’t have ¬†ordered it in the first place. Lessons learned! Any lesson passed down to you by a fellow beer drinker that you follow to this day?