Thanksgiving Quick List

Let’s do this post the epic QUICK LIST BULLET STYLE as there is a lot to cover!

  • Brought a good amount of brew home for my dad, including some of my home brew, which he liked!
  • I visited the Wachusett Brewery really quick on the way home to fill a growler with Larry IPA. Great choice! Wish I could’ve stayed longer
  • Dad enjoyed himself the Black Dog Ale Amber Ale, really liked the Larry IPA and was intrigued by the Dunkel Gose from the Brewery
  • My mom, more of a wine person,  enjoyed the Wachusett Winter Ale very much
  • Left the house at 2am for our annual black Friday trip. Purchased nothing big but always go to experience the madness.
  • Got turned on to the show ‘Drinking Made Easy‘ which doesn’t show on Comcast but through magic and tubes I watched 8 episodes and love it
  • As of this posting I have yet to watch an episode of Brewmasters. I will change that soon!
  • Ran an annual 6 mile Talking Turkey Cross Country race on Saturday. Did well, but slower than the years before. Training time!

  • For a victory dinner we went to the Amherst Brewing Company where I enjoyed the Chocolate Porter and Massatucky Brown, both great beers.

  • My friend took this shot of me at the Moan and Dove as I was enjoying a Pretty Things Jack D’or. Interesting brew but not my favorite from Pretty Things. FYI, it is Pretty Things 2nd Birthday on December 01. Happy Birthday!
  • Also enjoyed a Green Flash IPA before calling it a night… or so I thought.
  • Woke up in the middle of the night to all 7 house members re-enacting the movie ‘Outbreak’ and the main stage was the bathroom. A stomach virus hit the entire house, including my friend who was 2 towns away. No one was safe.
  • Stomach illness has left the house but I am still sick, beerless and exhausted.

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? hope you are all in good health and have started your week off right!