Beer Notes: Babayaga and Larry IPA

It didn’t take me long to finish off the 4 bottles I got at Kappy’s in Davers on Saturday.

Pretty Things Babayaga

Monday night I cracked open the Pretty Things Babayaga Stout to go with our steak dinner. Perfect combination if I do say so myself. This is the winter seasonal from Pretty Things, who are based in Massachusetts. I tried this beer at the Belgian Beer Fest and craved more. This poured dark brown and had a big malty taste. I will be grabbing more of this to keep me cozy while hiding inside from the cold winter! I highly reccomend it!

Wachusett Larry IPA

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better for Wachusett after drinking their Milk Stout (what a stout!) I ran into a brew named Larry. Researching this brew I found out its a collaboration beer with the owner from The Publick House in Brookline, MA. Instantly when you think of IPA you think bitter. This brew smells of bitter orange but the taste is so smooth you have to check the bottle to make sure your drinking an IPA. It poured a dark orange leaving a nice head on top. This beer isn’t just for IPA lovers, it’s for beer lovers. I highly reccomend it!

If you have tried these two brews let me know what you think, very impressed with both. Just put a bottle of Dogfish Head’s My Anonia in the fridge to drink sometime this week and will be reviewed upon sipping :).