Beer Notes: Kappy’s for Milk and Clown Shoes

This weekend I met some friends down in Chinatown for some good eats but standing in my way as usual when I head to Boston is Kappy’s in Danvers. I went there to pick up the Wachusett Milk Stout that everyone keep raving about. I picked that up first, but I craved a couple more treasures in my hunt. I picked up the Larry Imperial IPA from Wachusett and one of the beers I tasted at the Belgian Beer Fest last week, Pretty Things’ Babayaga. My girlfriend quickly reminded me to hunt for Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter, after reading Norm’s post about the release party on Tuesday. I figured it would not be out yet but I was wrong. That’s quite the All-Star beer run if you ask me! (If you didn’t ask me I know you were thinking “Wow, what an awesome beer run”)

Two of those are no longer in my fridge and currently reside in my stomach. Let’s get to the reviews

Wachusett Brewing Milk Stout

After reading multiple positive review for this beer, I had to try it for myself. I am a HUGE Milk Stout fan so this was an easy win for me. As with most stouts this one pours black with a light brown head. What I was really surprised about was how easy to drink this stout was. Very light and smooth. I heard they now come in 6-packs so that will be riding home with me to my parents when I visit for Thanksgiving. All the good reviews you read about this beer are not exaggerated, they are true. Try this brew!

Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter

Simply uttering this beers name it raises eyebrows. Pecan Pie is one of my favorite pies for me and my girlfriend. We were pumped to find it and were too anxious to wait longer than 24 hours to try it. We cracked it open to see if a beer with a circus name could taste like Thanksgiving in a glass. Holy moly does this beer smell super sweet. The smell is familiar to a blueberry beer for some reason I can’t describe. Pours a deep dark brown. The taste is kind of what you’d expect, super sweet and nutty. I dub this beer a dessert beer when I instantly reached for an oatmeal cookie while sipping. I can see this being too sweet for some people but I recommend trying it.

All for now, here’s to a good start to the week!