Hooray! Tourist Season Dies Down

With the decks closing, Halloween Parade over and frigid weather coming in it’s time for us locals to take a big sigh of relief. Tourist season is dieing down. While not gone all together, the Winter is usual the time where the locals can enjoy Portsmouth without the usual craziness of festivals and parades and races, etc.

It’s been a a pretty typical Portsmouth Summer if you ask me. Screaming drunk college kids, inexcusable tourist drivers, lack of police traffic enforcement at downtown stop signs, groups walking four abreast or stopping suddenly to turn around. There have been meetings on how many events the town should hold including the Fishtival and the Criterium but in the end we have to sit and stare and laugh at the absurdly rude and awkward tourists that come in and out of our little town, and praise the ones that are nice.

With the change in seasons happening I am looking forward to see what the bars have in store. Some great things I look forward to is the “When it Snows” deal ($1 Guinness and $2 garlic bread when it snows) that the Gaslight had last year (not confirmed for this year yet) and the awesome Holiday Open House for Imperial Pint Club members at the Brewery. In the coming week(s) I am hoping to get an idea of who is doing what, and what brew will be on tap as we begin to get out the ice scrapers and put our mittens on. Until then take advantage the calendar I have up for all of the events and happy hours going on in town.

Here are my top to do’s:

  • $1 Taco Tuesday at Brewery (6-close)
  • Happy Hour at Gaslight (M-Thu 3pm-6pm)
  • Coat of Arms Happy Hour (T & Thu 5-9)
  • 1/2 Price Mussels at Brewery (Sunday 6-close)

Any tourist stories you care to share from around town? I know I am not the only one 🙂