Portsmouth Haunted Pub Tour

Happy belated Halloween everyone! I hope you all had a chance to give someone a scare, watch a scary movie or have some delicious beverages this weekend in honor of the holiday.

This weekend my girlfriend and I had an awesome time. We didn’t go to Halloween parties or trick or treating, we stayed home and watched scary movies. We checked out The Orphan (scary) and my personal favorite, Halloween, among others. Saturday we became tourists in our own town as we took the Haunted Pubs of Portsmouth tour!

Hosted by tour guide and author of many books, Roxie Zwicker knows her stories of the strange and paranormal. The tour started out with a great wine tasting and we tasted 6 local wines. Not being a big wine guy I must say the majority of them were really good! I won’t give much away because Roxie tells the stories better than I can, but I can say the stories we heard on our 2 hour walk through town were scary and plentiful. Portsmouth, NH is riddled with history involving underground tunnels, ladies of the night, shanghaiing and of course the paranormal. The tour took us from street to street and Roxie had a story about every street corner in town. A lot of the stories were a little too close to where I lay my head at night, so I listened closely to keep an eye out for anything. I will say that I am not a believer in ghosts as it is something I would like to see to believe but my girlfriend loves the paranormal shows and everything so I support it.s. None of the stories Roxie told were ridiculous or seemed far fetched. The stories were mostly what others had told her and stories she has read a good amount on in the history books of the town.

The pubs involved in this tour are either torn down since the fires of the early 1800’s or due to new businesses taking over, but a lot of the spooky stuff that has happened occur in buildings still standing and operating. It was very cool taking the time to learn about the history of our town and more importantly the pubs of our town :).┬áThere are multiple haunted tours of my town which can be described in more detail at the New England Curiosities web site. Huge thanks to Roxie for a great Saturday and making me more interested in the history of my hometown. For anyone in the area you owe it to yourself to check out one of these tours. I hope to get in touch with Roxie to interview her for the blog sometime. It’s never to late to discuss the strange things that happen in the brew pubs of Portsmouth.

To round out the weekend, my girlfriend and I made some Pumpkin Ale Cupcakes thanks to the recipe by Adam over at Brew England. In this recipe we used our last bottle of Shipyard’s Smashed Pumpkin and they came out really tasty. Thanks for the recipe Adam!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! Here’s to another good week ahead. Hope I see some of you at session #1 of the Belgian Beer Fest in Boston on Saturday!