Kate Day 2011 is Chancey

I think I have written enough blog posts about Kate Day. You all know the drill. You wait in line at at the Portsmouth Brewery for 9 hours to get your calendar page that guarentees you two bottles of the #1 ranked beer, Kate the Great: Russian Imperial Stout. Forget that drill. The Portsmouth Brewery has a new game in town and its all about chance this year, perhaps a costly chance.

From the latest Portsmouth Brewery blog post, here are the high level details.

  • Kate Day will take place on Monday, March 7, 2011.
  • $15 per bottle ($5 more than last year)
  • No calendar pages
  • No waiting in line
  • 10,000 scratch tickets ($2 each) each with a chance to win one of 900 total bottles to be produced.
  • Tickets sold starting 6 weeks prior to Kate Day (approx Jan 24)
  • Winner pick up bottles from March 7 – April 15
  • Unclaimed bottles will be sold at retail store
  • More detailed info, including draft sales can be found on their blog

The above information gave me a bitter sweet feeling. On one hand, Portsmouth will not be littered with people starting at 12am on Kate Day. The brewery will be donating all of the money from the tickets to a non-profit, which could be as much as $20,000 if all the tickets are sold (they will be). But I love waiting in line and the adrenaline it gave me last year and I am now not guarenteed a bottle. Or does it? This calls for some beer math! To the white board!

In conclusion, Kate Day will be chancey and potentially expensive this year, but it seems to be an attempt to give those non-insane Kate lovers a chance at the top brew. I will without a doubt be buying tickets this year. If I don’t win I know my money is going to a good place and I know I will have more chances to have it on draft, as Tod and Tyler surprise the brewery with a keg or 2 throughout the year.

Pull out your wallets and good luck to all. More Kate Day info to come as it arrives!