Sibling Brewery Rivalry

I love my sister dearly. I am the godfather to one of her three kids and I have a goal in life to be the best uncle ever. We never once thought about going in a head to head match-up to see who brews the best beer (I would win 🙂 ). Nevertheless there is a brother/sister brewing rivalry happening in Western MA on November 9.

Smuttynose/Portsmouth Brewery v. Northampton Brewery

Peter Egelston, who co-founded the Northampton Brewery and is now the head of the Portsmouth and Smuttynose breweries will go face to face with Northampton Brewery co-founder and sister, Janet Egelston. According to the Masslive article, they will be comparing beers, potentially some rare creations and pairing them with food from Chef Chris Ware.

The event is Tuesday November 9 and tickets are $25. I have no clue where you can get the tickets but I will update this post when I find out. If you make your way down there take some photos and send them to me. I would love to see how the event went.

Cheers, and go Peter!