Beer Notes: 2 Falls and a Stout

Afternoon all! Here is whats coming out of my fridge recently:

Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale

I got this gem of a beer thanks to a couple people I follow on twitter. I think I like being recommended a beer as much as trying one out without knowing anything about it. Being in the midst of fall I thought it was time to take a deep dive into the fall beers and Tumbler is a great beer. Again I learn not to drink out of the bottle if I have pint glasses nearby, as my first sip out of the 12 oz bottle was not satisfying. I paused my video game and took the time to give Tumbler a proper home. The taste is similar to most fall brews but I felt this had a little more body to it. I reccomend it!

Southern Tier Harvest Ale

Have you noticed a lot of beers with the word Harvest in them or is it just me? I don’t know. My friend brought a 6-pack of Southern Tier Harvest when he came to visit. This is the second brew from ST I have tried (other being Pumpking) and this was a surprising fall beer. This was a light beer with a bite that I am not used to in the usual line up of fall beers. I liked it but wouldn’t make my way back to the shelves for it just yet. I didn’t mind the bitter hop flavor in this one and it was good to taste different flavors that aren’t usually around this season. I reccomend trying it!

Green Flash Double Stout

Green Flash is making it’s way to shelves around the Seacoast. I noticed on my trip to Gary’s Beverages that they had 6-packs of West Coast IPA and Hop Head Red, one of my favorite IPAs. I fell into this one by fate as I was reaching for what I thought was a 22oz Hop Head Red. I gladly accepted the challenge. While pouring it you can tell why they call it Double Stout. Pitch black with a dark brown foam. You can taste the heavily roasted malt in this one and it became easier to drink with every sip. This packs a little punch at 8.8% ABV and is a must for stout lovers. I look forward to more from Green Flash as they continue their eastward journey. I reccomend it!

All for now! Cheers,