Seacoast Brew News Vol 1

What’s happening around the Seacoast?
Week of 10-18-2010

Redhook Coming to Cans

I read over at that Red Hook is releasing Copperhook, their spring seasonal, in cans starting the spring of 2011. On top of that the Copperhook will be availiable year round in bottles soon. More recently the Winterhook has hit shelves of the stores around here and I will hold off on it until late november so I can enjoy my fall brews.

Award Winning Recipes on Tap

Tuesday the Portsmouth Brewery put on their ‘Rye Not’, the brew that won them the Silver at the GABF. I had a chance to get a imperial pint and it is really tasty, a must for any rye fan and it went great with taco night :). They will be putting on the Bronze Medal winning Milk Stout soon as well, which is my all time favorite from the brewery. I would like to add that they put on their ‘Dirt Hop Blonde’ Ale which features hops picked from Strawberry Banke. I tasted it last night and it is very light and tasted a little like their Cream Ale. Check out what else they have on tap, including what’s coming up on their blog.

Foobar Trivia

Say what you want about their food (I’ve heard mostly bad reviews but have never tried it myself), there is a new trivia night in town. If I remember correctly, the name of the guy who runs it is Rick, and he is entertaining. This trivia is different than usual pub trivias I’ve been to in that it’s electronic. Each team gets a buzzer and it’s run like Jeopardy. Needless to say it was fun and frustrating at the same time. With Foobar retaining the same taps that were once owned by Muddy River, you can trust that they will have good brew on tap as your team yells at Rick for being strict on the answers. At 9:30 the trivia turns to a round of Sex trivia and it is definitly not suitable for kids. Check it out if your in town on Wednesdays at 8pm.

Red Door Turns 7

I recieved an email from Cresta from Red Door regarding their upcoming big event for their 7th birthday:

We are celebrating the weekend of Halloween (the actual date is October 29th).  That entire stretch of days will be exceptional, however, the big showcase will be on the 30th, with Fred Everything (  We are flying him out from San Francisco for one night only, and he will be featured in our intimate venue.

Brick Oven Brown

If you haven’t gotten to the Gaslight yet to try brewer Eddie’s and Long Trail’s collaboration beer ‘Brick Oven Brown’, make your way over there. It is a light nutty brown that is a nice brew to add to the taps of the Pizza Pub, Deck (while it’s still open) and the Street Level Restaurant. Sorry, for those looking to dance the night away on the 3rd floor with this beer you will be sad to find out Brick Oven Brown will not be served up there.

Seacoast Brewing Club

I have been emailing back and forth with Ray who runs the Seacoast Brewing Club. Here is some info:
The Seacoast Brewing Club  is a family oriented homebrew club that offers members a wide variety of options for homebrewing and fun. For all brewing levels, we encourage our members to craft the finest beers available in the Seacoast area of New Hamphire or Maine.  The club meets monthly “to swap brewing experiences, understand beer making techniques, learn beer styles, sample homebrew, and help one another make better beer” .  SBC is the newest homebrew club in New Hampshire and looks forward to creating a great homebrewing culture in the Seacoast region. Monthly Club Meetings are held the Last Wednesday of the each month 7:00pm-9pm at Riptide bar (Chef’s Table Restaurant) in Portsmouth. Meetings are open to visitors age 21 and over. Come early and have supper with us before the meeting.There are currently no membership dues.

For more information contact Ray at

Yeastern Homebrew Supplies

If you missed my post, be sure to check out Yeastern Homebrew Supplies in Dover. Finally a homebrew store in the seacoast!

That rounds out this issue of Seacoast Brew News. I hope these tidbits will help spread the word of the happenings here in the Seacoast!