The Beer App Battle Begins

In a world where everything has an app for your phone, beer is no exclusion. I already mentioned my love for Beerby, but now there is a new kid on the block by the name of RedPint! Check out this breakdown.

It’s a TIE!


RedPint’s interface is definitely more superior than Beerby and you can tell from launching it. RedPint does a good job making things display bigger and brighter.


Beerby wins the battle when it comes to compatibility. Beerby is available on iPhone and Android whereas RedPint is only for iPhone.


Both apps let you integrate with your Twitter/Facebook accounts easily.


Both apps let you take a photo when you enter a beer but RedPint has the slight edge on this one since you can also choose a photo from your library. A cool feature if you want to track your beers later.

Entering a beer

I have had both ease and difficulty when entering a beer on Beerby and RedPint. Beerby seems to have a better database of beer and integrates with Foursquare for places. RedPint’s database seems to hate the beer and locations I try to put in most of the time but allows you to tag friends which is a cool feature. It’s really whatever you prefer on this one.


It is clear RedPint had iPhone in mind when making this app. The presentation seems more polished than Beerby, and the real nice look and feel aspects truely shine on the phone. Once Red Pint comes out with the Droid version I will encourage my Droid friends to at least try it and if they like it, adopt it. I am going to hang on to both applications mainly because I can and there is no harm done. This battle truely comes down to what is easier for you. Just like with choosing a phone, some go iPhone and others go Droid.
Both Teams (RedPint and Beerby) have excellent customer support. I have given suggestions to Phil over at Beerby and have gotten fast responses. I have also been emailing with John from RedPint and he is very responsive and helpful. It’s tough both these apps can’t get along and make a collaborative app but thats not how it always works out :). Nothing like some healthy competition in the beer app world.
I encourage everyone to check out both apps and chose for yourself. The good thing about both apps is it will bring everyone closer to beer. With the integration of Twitter and Facebook we can all still see who is drinking what, it all depends on where you want to track yours! The review isn’t over. I want to see how these apps grow. RedPint is only a week old with time to polish and Beerby has been around for a month or so and still has room for improvement. Truely this decision can’t be complete over a weeks time, so you will see me hopping around from app to app, that’s the fun of it! The battle is over, but not the war! If you have any questions or comments on the review let me know. You can find me on Beerby under user SeacoastBeverageLab and over on RedPint under user SeacoastBevLab. You can find me on Beerby primarily, as most of my past month’s beer is tracked there, but it’s your call people!