Homebrew Journal Vol 1- Maple Pale Ale Paranoia

Beer Name: Maple Pale Ale (Kit)

I was looking in the not so local homebrew store (before I learned about the one in Dover) and I wanted to brew something good that will taste good in November and December. I didn’t want an Octoberfest, seemed too late for that. I didn’t want to venture in the stout world just yet. Then Maple Pale Ale called my name. I noticed it calls for 1 qt. of pure maple syrup, which is something I can brag about to those who find it as big a deal as I do. This recipe had a few more ingredients than my first bath (Irish Moss, Gypsum, Water Salts, Maple Syrup) so I took this as an added challenge.

Brewing Process

All according to plan, I can’t stop loving the smell of Grapenuts as the wort boils!

Brewing Paranoia

This being my first journal entry I will explain this section. I am a paranoid person and love to get things exactly right. Yes, homebrewing is a science but I am reminded by my dad that things can go wrong during the process but your beer will turn out perfectly fine. Nevertheless I remain paranoid before, during and after the brewing process. This brew had less catastrophes but equal amounts of paranoia.
  1. For starters I squeeze my bag of grains into the wort after it is done steeping for 30 mins. I was told by my dad that he does it, so I figure it couldn’t harm it. After doing it I go online and read countless posts on how this is very wrong. So I am hoping for the best even though I squeezed the bag pretty good.
  2. My stock pot isn’t the best quality and I am afraid of it chipping at the bottom. So I will be replacing it with a stainless steel pot for my next batch
  3. I didn’t strain the wort when dumping it into my fermenter. I am no expert but it is my opinion that all of that will settled as the beer ferments. Even if it doesn’t settle most of it will be filtered out when bottling.

Variations from previous batch (things I do to prevent paranoia from last batch)

  1. More careful with temperature this time. Got a floating thermometer which helped a lot
  2. Took a pre-yeast pitch hydrometer reading, why not? I have the thing so I may as well get used to using it and learning about it.
  3. Prefit the Airlock to the bucket lid. Had an accident with my last batch so I made sure this was place properly.

Other Comments

It’s brewing the day after which is always a good sign.
To Buy:
Stainless Steel Pot
Turkey Baster (to extract some brew for hydrometer testing/adding ingredients)
Gloves for grain bag