Beer Review- Dogzilla Black IPA

A beer shows up in my fridge every once in a while that I know has a good reputation on Beer Advocate but it just isn’t my taste. This is one of those beers. When I went to Table and Vine in West Springfield, MA I picked up some all-star beers. I picked Dozilla Black IPA for 3 reasons. 1) The Name 2) The Label and 3) I enjoy a nice Black IPA (thanks to Portsmouth Brewery).

At first glance it poured a nice dark brown color, which I am familiar with and fond of. Then emerged the tan colored head as if I dropped 5 alka seltzers in the brew. I waited a good 3 minutes before sipping, allowing the head to subside as much as possible. The smell was a strong and the taste that followed was twice as strong. I couldn’t put my finger on it so I did some more sipping before concluding it was a pine/barley taste that was a little too overwhelming for my palette.

This was my first brew from Idaho and although it wasn’t off to the best start I look forward to trying some more from Laughing Dog Brewing Co.

Let the photo above speak for itself. The head on this brew formed into scary mountains of foam which truly speaks to how I reacted when I first sipped. Don’t take my word for it, perhaps I wasn’t prepared for Dogzilla this time around. Check out some other reviews if you need to, but I think it’s worth buying to find out if you like it or not as I can now say I have tried a beer from Idaho :).

Try any good brews lately?