Finally a Seacoast Homebrew Store

I’m an expert inexperienced home brewer. I have brewed one so-so batch and I am ready to start my next batch. The one thing I share with even the most expert of the Seacoast home brewers is I have to travel a ways to get supplies. I have gone to NFG in Leominster and Beer Wine Hobby in Woburn, both great stores but a heck of a drive! Well our prayers have been answered. I give to you Yeastern Homebrew Supply of Dover, NH!

I don’t frequent Dover, so I had a hell of a time trying to find the place. After getting my bearings it is in an easy location in Franklin Plaza. The website is under construction but Gabriel (the owner) has a great informative Facebook page, which I looked at and posted on before I came. I bought a Maple Pale Ale kit from the shop in Woburn and forgot to get my grains ground. A simple post to YHS on facebook and I got a quick response that they were happy to grind them for me. I wanted and excuse to get out there so I took the easy 15 min drive to the store.

It’s located in the basement of another store, but its filled with everything you need and then some. As my grains were in the mill, I snapped these shots and looked around for a thermometer and scouted out things I will need when I start my future batches. If you don;t see what you’re looking for then you should ask, because they seem to have everything I have seen at the other stores.

YHS has received a great response from what I’ve been told for being only 2 months old. The moral of this happy ending story is you can now breathe easy because Yeastern Homebrew Supply is here and will be here for a long time. Even if you don’t need any supplies at the moment it is totally worth taking a drive and talking beer with Gabe and scouting out what you need for your next batch of brew. Yeaster Homebrew Supply can be found at 4 Franklin Plaza in Dover. ┬áCheck out the links above for more info.

Tomorrow I am starting my Maple Pale Ale and I am spending the night looking over the instructions to make sure I get it right this time. Hope you all have a great end to the weekend!