NERAX North Press Release

JT from Smuttynose just checked in with an exciting press release regarding this year’s NERAX North. JT volunteers with NERAX as a cellarman, press release writer, and an assistant with American Beer acquisition.

Here are some of the highlights:

Is your beer alive? It will be at the 4th annual NERAX North Festival, held on November11-13 at The Tap brewpub, in Haverhill, Massachusetts. The festival, a spin-off of thelong-running NERAX (New England Real Ale Exhibition) festival, will showcase cask-conditioned or “real” ale from the United States as well as specially imported beers fromsmall, traditional breweries in the UK. The festival will over 40 different beers, splitevenly between the US and the UK with the possibility of some German cask beers aswell.

So if you like beer and are searching for something more unique and hands-on, NERAX North is the perfect place for you, the lover of coddled and rare beers. Sessions are Thursday & Friday (6:30 to 10:00 PM) and Saturday (12:00 to 7:00 PM). The Castle Rock tasting is slated for 8 to 9 PM on Friday and costs an extra $10. Space for that tasting is limited. Entrance fee: $10; beer & food are pay as you go. The Tap, 100 Washington St, Haverhill, MA 01832. For more information, go to

You can download the full press release right here

NERAX North Press Release 2010b (PDF)

Thanks for checking in JT!