The ‘Bud Light’ Experiment

As a natural people watcher I enjoy sitting at the bar, over staying my welcome while nursing a brew and watching the bar goers filter in and out. It usually takes 10 or so people before my first experiment is in effect, the Bud Light Experiment.

A gentleman, usually in a a backwards hat with the tag still on it or someone who looks like they mistakenly walked by the Rusty Hammer/State Street/D Street and settled wherever he ended up walks to the bar.

Step #1- The ‘Question’

“Ya, can I get a bud light?”. Bartender proceeds to tell the drinker he is out of luck, as there is no bud light in the house. If you look hard enough in the eyes of the drinker you can see a swift change of emotion, as if someone ripped the head off his childhood stuffed bear.

Step #2- The ‘Alternatives’

If the drinker is determined he will run down the list of suitable replacements “Bud? Rock? PBR? etc.”. You applaud his determination but sitting there you know he is on a one way path to no where. The ball is now in the hands of the knowledgeable bartender to introduce this drinker to a new brew.

Step #3- The ‘Taste-a-like’

After being denied he asks “What’s the closest thing?”. Very few men I have seen go through this experiment ask the final question. Usually they give up and walk right out. There is hope yet for those who stick around to enjoy the “taste a-like”, but you know a craft beer will taste exponentially better.

Step #4- The ‘Approval’

The experiment concludes with a sip/taste and a firm nod of the head from the Bud Light turned Craft Beer drinker. Now I know better than to ask for ‘other’ beers in a Brewery, but for those who don’t it’s a painful exercise that will pay off in the end.


How many have seen this at their local craft beer bar? Yes, some people will remain unchanged and will head for the door faster than you can say Hop Harvest, but show some respect for those who stumble at first and end up with a fresh craft brew in there hand, well done!

Some of my other experiments/studies:
-Amount of people who put their pint on the pool table (and how much I want to kick them out)
-Amount of people who request Rap on the Jukebox, trying to turn the bar into a club (There is a time and place)

Hope eveyone is having a good week!