Portsmouth Brewery Cleans Up Nice at GABF

The Great American Beer Fest. Everyone wants to be there but not everyone can front the cash or take the time off to get out there. My goal is next year… next year! For now I regurgitate news heard straight from the men of the Portsmouth Brewery. Noted on their latest blog post, they won a couple nice awards over at the GABF, one of which I am most proud of, as it is my favorite brew.

Their Summer Rye took the Silver and my favorite of their brews, the Milk Stout took Bronze. Big congratulations goes out to Tod and Tyler of the P-Brew.

Also this past weekend the Criterium bike race took place in downtown Portsmouth and to start theday off on the right foot, the Brewery offered $5 stacks of pancakes with Bacon and Juice and you best believe I was there. In a very unique setting, we ate right outside in front of the Brewery at the tables they set up.. The race shut down the entire city as per usual, leaving me to watch the race from my apt while playin Halo (obviously). One final update, it looks like there are some new updates for the 2011 Kate Day. I won’t spill th ebeans, head over to the Brewery’s blog and let them tell you when you should be lining up to acquire the best beer in the world.

All for now, enjoy your favorite brew while welcoming back some good Fall TV. Tonight is an Octoberfest with How I Met Your Mother. Hoping to grab some Hop Harvest down at the Brewery before aswell.