@RTBRelay, 20 Miles, 2 Beer Top 10’s

Tomorrow is another milestone in my Running career. Most of you don’t know that I am a runner. There was a separate blog at a separate time for my running, but that has since been halted to focus on Beer, lovely right?

Reach the Beach is a 200 Mile Team Relay that starts up at Cannon Mountain in NH and ends at Hampton Beach, NH. I am on a 12 person team and I am responsible for 20 miles of that 200 over 4 different legs. In honor of my 20 miles I would like to list a top ten item for each mile I am running. I have broken it down into 2 lists.

Top 10 Beers in Past Year- I have has some great beers in the past year, so I will dedicate a mile to each of the beers listed.

Top 20 Places I have Ever Had a Beer- Looking back, I have had some great beers in some great places, so I will dedicate a mile to each of the Places listed.

Here are the lists, enjoy!

Top 10 Beers in Past Year (in no particular order)

  1. Kate the Great
    • Without fail the best beer I have ever had (so far?). It’s an honor to live in Portsmouth because of Kate
  2. Stone IPA
    • The IPA that introduced me to IPAs. I owe my interest in IPA to this brew
  3. Switchback
    • Small company with a big fan base and great beer
  4. 9 Lives
    • A mixture of Magic Hat #9 and Lucky Cat, mmm
  5. Milk Stout
    • My favorite of the Portsmouth Brewery’s beer when Kate isn’t on tap
  6. Red Hook Double Black
    • My favorite of Red Hook and is possibly my favorite brew (When Kate isn’t on tap)
  7. Sam Adams Octoberfest
    • The best of Sam, hands down
  8. Red Hook 8-4-1 Expedition
    • A great collaboration from the brewers of Red Hook, I can still taste the honey
  9. Paper City Holyoke Damn Ale
    • Shout out to back home, great beer
  10. Cream Ale
    • The lightest of Portsmouth Brewery’s Ales, great for Spring


Top 10 Places I’ve Had a Beer (in no Particular order)

  1. St James Gate- Dublin Ireland
    • Easily the best beer experience one could have. 360 degree view of Dublin while drinking Guinness
  2. Tsingtao Brewery- Qingdao, China
    • Had the awesome opportunity to go to the Brewery in Qingdao, China. Me, my Dad and a good friend. This was like the Willy Wonka of breweries.
  3. Jin Mao Tower- Shanghai China
    • At the time is was the tallest point in China (4th in the world), great view of the city
  4. Anheuser Busch Brewery- St Louis MO
    • A great brewery. My girlfriend and I passed beer school here too!
  5. Barley Pub
    • You know my love for this place enough already
  6. Portsmouth Brewery
    • Goes without saying
  7. Burlington, VT
    • Burlington has a the Burlington Brew Tours, which I have posted about. Well played, Burlington!
  8. Home
    • There is no place like home. My parents and I having a beer on their deck and talking about our crazy family.
  9. Amherst Brewing Co.
    • A great beer stop when I visit home. Check it out if ever in Western MA
  10. Chucks Cafe- Syracuse, NY
    • The best college bar I have been too (sorry Punters in Boston). This insane bar definitely fails some fire codes with the amount of people you can cram in there. Many drinking games were played (and won) here.


Obviously there are more than 10 places to list, and there are definitely Honorable mentions in both categories. But writing this blog before lunch on an empty stomach can make me forget some. In order to save space, I didn’t add any images, but at some point in time I plan to blog about the places I have been. The above lists define my life of beer thus far.

Wish me luck on my 20 mile journey and my teams 200 mile journey!!