Rich Doyle Visits Barley Pub

If I lived in Dover I would live as close to the Barley Pub as I could. I wouldn’t hesitate to rank it as my favorite bar in the Seacoast, but I love the Brewery too much. A friend of mine who is part of the Friends of Harpoon club, emailed me stating CEO/Co-Founder of Harpoon Rich Doyle was making some stops in Dover, promoting Leviathan and the newer of the 100 Barrel Series, Glacier Harvest Wet Hop. One of those stops was at Barley Pub, so naturally we had to attend.

We got there 10 minutes before he did, ordered a couple Wet Hops and received them FREE as being part of the Friends of Harpoon, well done! The taste was very smooth with a nice hit of hops, a great sipping beer. Barley Pub does it the right way and serves the beer in its respective 100 Barrel Series Glasses as well as serve the Leviathan in its own glass. Minutes after sipping, in walks Rich Doyle with an entourage of beer drinkers. What does the CEO of a very successful brewing company order for him and his friends? 4 Harpoon Triticus Ales and 4 waters, classy. Although I didn’t speak to him and was nice enough not to walk over and shake his hand, Rich seemed very approachable and seemed to be the life of the event, naturally. After a couple games of pool my friend and I were on our way back to Portsmouth.
Since I had last been to the Barley Pub x amount of months ago they have changed the layout in a good way. The pool table is now in the front, leaving more room for tables and chairs in front of where bands play. Sitting at the bar, speaking with the very friendly bartender I fall in love all over again with this bar. Their selection has the most variety of any bar in Dover and rivals most Portsmouth bars. The dive-bar feel is what does it for me. They have been at the forefront of a lot of beer releases and have a lot of local beers that bars around Portsmouth don’t care to serve. Did I mention I love this bar?

Where am I going tonight? Well, I am going back to Barley because we received the tip that Prodigal Brewing Co. of New Hampshire is releasing its Octoberfest exclusively at the Pub tonight. Starting at 4pm you can get your hands on the first batch to hit the Seacoast. Get it while its good!

That’s all I have for now. Big thanks to @harpoon_brewery for this special event, I hope you come back soon! Also big shout out to Barley Pub and their gigantic man-mountain of a dog (named Barley?) for being a great bar.


PS- The dog is huge