Beerby, Get This Beer App

Foursquare, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc etc etc. These are all applications to let people know where you are and what you are doing. All of the above are missing one key piece of the puzzle; what are you drinking? Meet my friend Beerby, a new up and coming application for iPhone and Android. Beerby (pronounced Beer-bye) is a handy little app that packs too much potential it’s scary. Picture it like an onion. (Click any of the images to enlarge)

For starters, Beerby can serve as your personal beer journal, which I feel I should keep one for myself. Beer logs are important for beer enthusiasts, especially if you want to make a note of a beer you had that you wish you hadn’t. Peel back another layer and you can pinpoint where you had that beer (via Foursquare or Maps), so you know where to go to get that beer again. Peel back another layer of this application and you can add friends and see what they are drinking, read their comments of the beer and view everything on a leaderboard to see who has used the application more, basically showing who drank the most of you and your friends. Simply amazing.

Once you get the app up and running, you can start by entering the brew you are having. Currently you search for the beer and if it doesn’t show up, add it. In this case, I was at the Brewery, as I am every teuesday for taco night and I got their Gose brew. Gose is a German sour/salty beer that I actually enjoy. Let’s load it up in Beerby. As expected I didn’t see it in there so I had to add it myself.

Adding a beer to Beerby is very simple. You can select the location, based off Foursquare results or add your own. Enter a comment and how many of that brew you drank. Enter the other credentials and when you press save you’re done! Now your friends know you had a delicious craft brew, and your bragging about it!

Once you build a reputation with the application you can track the acheivements. From the Rookie (1 beer entered in Beerby) to the Fruit Loop (Drink 6 Different Style Lambic Beers).

Quick Review

After living with Beerby for 24 hours, I don’t want to live without it. This is the kind of social networking/journal application I would use on a regular basis. However I do have some feature requests that could take this application to the next level.

  1. Twitter/Facebook Integration- This was my first pain point, but I was already assured that for iPhone users the update is forthcoming, proabably next week
  2. Editable profiles- Let me add a photo of myself, perhaps a few bullet points about what I generally drink and my favorite places, etc. Curently my name is seacoastbeveragelab and I would like to capatilize the name (SeacoastBeverageLab). Also be able to edit your profile on the website.
  3. Push Notifications? This seems to be the norm with iPhone apps, maybe a notification every time a friend was having a brew (very nit picky on my part)
  4. ‘Beers in your area’-Using your location to find beers other users have entered in your area. Have those results display first, if any.

I love the direction this application is going and I will be using this for personal tracking until all of my iPhone/Android buddies have this app, then we let the games begin 🙂 .

For more information about this application and to get your hands on it now, head on over to and follow them on twitter @Beerby. Don’t forget to add me (SeacoastBeverageLab) as a friend on Beerby.