A Pumpkin Beer I Enjoy

Rule #1 about living in NH, never go to Maine on the weekends. Welp, I did just that as my girlfriend and I went up to Marginal Way for a nice Saturday excursion. This was my first time in Ogunquit, ME and I was impressed with everything but the parking….$12, what a ripoff. In any event after the walk around Marginal Way we stopped to grab a snack at a restaurant there (name is slipping my mind at 1:30am, forgive me 🙂 ). I tried the Casco Bay Riptide Ale and it was a great brew to enjoy on the docks in Maine. Very refreshing with a sweet taste I couldn’t identify. Shout out to the chowder as well, fantastic.

After that we made the bold decision to head on up to Kennbunk to go to Federal Jacks for lunch. I had never been to Kennebunk before and I guarentee I will never go back in the Summer. KB is a living hell to drive through and and even greater hell to park. Federal Jacks was a sight for sore eyes and after 20 minutes of circling the place we illegally parked and were sitting at the booth looking at the beer list.

Their Summer Ale was very good and their seasonal Peach beer, which was a risk that may or may not have paid off, was very peachy. She now knows to ask for a sample before taking the plunge on a risky brew. The flavor of the peach brew was similar to Magic Hat #9, but tasted like James’ Giant Peach (from James and the Peach). A quick stop in the gift shop was necessary, as they sold a lot of Shipyard swag and beer. I enjoyed the fact you could mix your own packs but we decided to go with the box of Shipyard Signature Series beers, including the Smashed Pumpkin. “But B”, you say, “you hate pumpkin beers”. Well guess what, this one kicks Pumpkinhead in the boys because Smashed Pumpkin was a revelation. Just the right amount of spice to taste like thanksgiving but not overly spiced to taste like Harpoons nasty brew. Well done Shipyard!

On the Road Again

All for now. Off to Lake Placid this weekend and what do you know? Longtrail Brewing Co. and Flying Goose Brewing Co. are on the beaten path that conencts Portsmouth to Lake Placid so i will be stopping at both to get some brew and swag. Have a great weekend everyone!