A Beer Snob I Am Not

When I started this blog back in April I knew it would open up my pallet and allow me to taste beers I haven’t tasted before. I knew going into this I would form a better opinion on beers and perhaps definitely become a beer connoisseur. Well, in the past week I have had all of the above backfire on me as I was called what I wish no one in the world to be called, a Beer Snob, twice!

Let’s not kid ourselves for a second, everyone has a favorite beer. For one reason or another you will speak highly of one beer over the other, but it doesn’t make you a snob. I would argue you are only hurting yourself by not trying all sorts of beers. When I started getting into beer I wanted to know how to review it properly. Mouth feel, finish, look, taste, aroma etc. but I didn’t want to ever reach snob status. You know, the guy who is out with friends and announces to the entire bar “I will have the finest craft beer you have”, and comments about the beer with every sip. I believe there is a time and place for beer reviews, and it isn’t with those who don’t care to hear that Boston Lager has a terrific “mouth feel”, in fact I think I would be slapped in the face saying “mouth feel” in a dive bar.

Snob Story #1. My friend had a fundraiser down at the Bell in Hand Tavern in Boston this week and because I’m the best friend in the world I made the trek down there. Talking with my friend earlier in the week I asked what there beer selection was. “They have the selection any other bar does, but probably nothing for a snob like you”. That comment hit me like a sock full of pennies, as I hadn’t been called a snob before. I told my friend I was simply asking and didn’t mean anything by it. Turns out Bell in Hand has the typical Boston bar tap selections, including there own ‘Bell in Hand Ale’ which is on the IMPORT list. How do they import it from their own place? In any event it was a good beer and a great fundraiser.

Snob Story #2. With the recent release of Pumpkinhead let’s just say I’m looking forward to Sam Adam’s Octoberfest. I am not a spicy beer fan. I say to myself that with time I may grow to like them like I grew to like IPAs but that seems like a long shot. There is just something about Pumpkinhead that is unappetizing. The surprise twist here is MM, blogger on this very blog was the gentleman who called me a snob when I said I hated Pumpkinhead. Does disliking a beer put a big scarlet letter ‘S’ on your chest for being a snob? Not this guy!

The moral here is just because you may talk about beer a lot doesn’t make you a snob, it makes you apreciate beer more. It’s up to you whether you want to come off as one, but in the words of Austin Powers, ‘That’s not my bag, baby’. Of course I appreciate when someone comes to me looking for a beer suggestion but if you don’t like my opinions there are tons of other beer lovers with differing oppions than me.

Try a new beer this weekend! Cheers!