Beer Review Time: Coffee Beers and an Old Man

Dedicated readers know my love for Coffee beers. Its something about the particular flavor each one brings to the table that has me running to the nearest store to sample all of the beers that incorporate coffee.

Last week when I was home, I picked up two bombers of BBC Coffehouse Porter. When I got back up to Portsmouth I popped one open with dinner and poured it into one of my classy 8 oz Portsmouth Brewery Balloon Glasses. This one was one of the stronger coffee beers I have tasted. A very full flavored brew with definite coffee taste, and I could swear I tasted a little chocolate, but that could just be my palette going crazy. I’m saving the 2nd bomber for another occasion where I can let a house guest sample something I know they haven’t tasted. Side note: you can see the 22oz’er of Whacko in the background. My girlfriend loves it and I want nothing to do with it.

The moment I left work on Friday I headed straight for Gary’s [Beverages] to see what they have gotten in since I was last there some 4 weeks ago. Nothing too special in the ‘New’ category but I still wanted to track down something I hadn’t had before. The line of Rogue bottles in the fridge were staring at me. Me and Rogue Dead Guy have an on-and-off relationship. Dead Guy is a strong beer and I can only have it when I am in the mood. The judgment I have on that one beer had an immediate effect on my judgment for all Rogue beers, but I had to get over it.  I examined each bottle and I let them tell me which one I should try. A man in a beard holding a coffee/beer mug stared at me and I obliged. Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar is the lightest most approachable Coffee Beer I have had to date. It’s almost dangerously light, as I can see myself kicking back 2-3 bombers in a sitting without feeling the fullness I would feel from one full-bodied coffee stout. The coffee flavor was still in full effect in the form of Hazelnut, which was a refreshing new flavor to me in a beer. Highly recommend this as a great beer to start your coffee beer journey on. I look forward to trying more Rogue brews.

Last but not least, the old man. My parents are now aware that if they travel somewhere that has a brewery, special beer pub, etc, that I expect a little something in the form of beer when I see them after their trip. They did good this time, when they stopped to visit after spending a weekend in Bar Harbor, ME. They brought me some great beers from the Atlantic Brewing Company, including a 3-pack of aged Honey Bragget (2006-2008) (longer review to come on those later, because these will be sitting on my beer rack for a time), and a bottle of Special Old Bitter Ale, aka SOB, which I enjoyed last night with dinner. This is definitely a beer I would’ve bought simply buy judging the bottle. A grumpy old man giving you a nasty grin that screams “buy this beer you sissy!” is dead center on the bottle with SOB written in big letters, adding to the bitter mood of the beer.  This beer packs a punch and is as bitter as it claims. After the initial shock, it becomes easier to drink with every sip. It went great with my dinner (hamburger sliders), and should go great with just about anything. I won’t run up-state just to get this beer, but I’m sure I’ll meet up with the old man again in the future.

That’s all I got for now. What are all of you drinking latley? I’m hopign to get to the Brewery tonight/tomorrow to get some of the Sierra’s 30th anniversary Imperial stout they just put on. Have a great week!