The Tall Boys of Summer

This is Part 2 of the “Western Mass Trip Beverage Review”, but I didn’t want to make a super long title again, to save you the reading.

One of my fascinations about beer in a can is how non-fascinated I am by them. My trials and tribulations to find a good beer in a can this summer has been a rough road. But the road ended in the Amherst,MA Whole Foods during my infamous quest for the undershirt.

There needs to be a Whole Foods closer than a 45 minute drive to Andover, plain and simple. Yes in between here and the nearest store there are plenty of beer shops but Whole Foods does it right. Comment on this post if you think im wrong, I dare ya ;-).

Anyway, I walk in to a great display case of all local beer from the area. Local favorites such as Paper City and BBC, and the latest imports from the Shelton Brothers of Belchertown, MA. On my way to the checkout line with 2 bombers of BBC Coffeehouse Porter, I run into a sight for sore eyes, Saranac Pale Ale Pints. What immediately draws me to the small green box (photo in the previous post) was the name. They aren’t called cans, they’re called pints, extremely classy for a beer in a can.For my birthday I had my dad bring me a sampler from Saranac when he was in upstate NY and I was surprised at the taste of the Pale Ale, as I usually shy away from them. I had to grab some to compare them to there 12oz bottled brothers and hopefully find a canned beer I enjoy.

We have a winner folks. These are the Tall Boys of Summer. Beer never tasted this refreshing and tasteful in a can. My respect still goes out to ‘Gansett and PBR, as I enjoy a tall boy from D-Street during some late night karaoke, but the tall boys from Saranac take the cake in this battle. Their has to be a downside to these beers right? Don’t worry, there is, they only come in 4 packs. Outrageous. I hope to track down these beauties in the Seacoast area before they are gone. Best beer in a can…so far? The Pale Ale Pints set the bar pretty high.

Keep it up Saranac, you did good!